Point Pelee threatened by offshore turbines

“Here’s a carrot for you, bunny. We’re going to have you for dinner tomorrow,” Susan Ross of Friends of Point Pelee said of the funding when she sees the park being threatened by offshore turbines. 

by Sharon Hill, Windsor Star

Point Pelee National Park will buy a new long-awaited shuttle system for the ride to the famous tip with some of the $3 million announced Friday by Chatham-Kent-Essex MP Dave Van Kesteren.

The money from the federal Infrastructure Stimulus Fund will go toward the shuttle, resurfacing sections of the 10-kilometre park road, adding a new sewage treatment system at the Visitor’s Centre and new exhibits and signs.

“That ride to Point Pelee is an important part of the experience,” Van Kesteren said of the 200,000 visitors a year who come to see the southernmost tip of mainland Canada.

The yellow and green shuttles date back almost 30 years. The Ford Bronco that pulls the remaining two shuttles of the original six dates back to 1982 and is still running. It will have to keep going this spring and summer since the new system likely won’t be purchased and at the park until the fall. Seventy-six per cent of visitors use the shuttle.

It’s not clear how many jobs could be created by the funding since the park hasn’t issued bids for the work.

Acting superintendent Jennifer Duquette said enhancing the experience for visitors is an investment in tourism and should benefit the whole area.

“We’re excited, ecstatic.”

After Van Kesteren’s announcement at the Visitor’s Centre Friday morning, Susan Ross, of the Friends of Point Pelee which operates the shuttle system, asked what the MP was doing to protect the park from a proposal to put offshore wind turbines in Pigeon Bay west of the point.

The turbines are part of SouthPoint Wind’s proposal to put 15 turbines south of Kingsville and Leamington and then seek approval to build 700 turbines in Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair.

“Here’s a carrot for you, bunny. We’re going to have you for dinner tomorrow,” Ross said of the funding when she sees the park being threatened by offshore turbines.

Ross said she’s concerned about impacts on water quality, fish, noise and migrating birds and butterflies that use the point as a stopover.

Van Kesteren said the turbines are a provincial decision but the federal Ministry of Environment and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans could look at legislation to see if any part of it is being contravened. Van Kesteren said he will be talking to both ministers since he represents a riding which includes Wheatley, the largest freshwater fishery port in the world.

“It is a concern of mine,” he said of the impact on fish.

If the Department of Fisheries and Oceans can stop work in a drainage ditch over habitat issues, Van Kesteren said if the DFO has a concern, it could reject an environmental assessment.

SouthPoint Wind is holding six meetings today.

8 thoughts on “Point Pelee threatened by offshore turbines

  1. The next insane statement we will hear is that the upgrade for the shuttle service will be exciting because there will be more tourists coming to see the “awesome Wind Turbines”!

    Say goodbye to Point Pelee National Park!

    Van Kesteren like every other Municipal Politician could have voiced his opposition to the Green Energy Act when it was concocted but now they are “hiding” behind it so they don’t have to answer to their electors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shame on all of you!…..come October we will “kick you to the curb!”

  2. I agree that McGuinty is exhibiting classic bi-polar symptoms with his over spending and illusions of grandeur not to mention arrogance! It is sad, however we must protect Ontario. But how? PC’s just as bad, perhaps we need to start a party for the protection of Ontario from their own folly. Something like RESPONSIBLE GREEN ENERGY that doesn’t trample peoples health and home.

  3. Wow… you know you’ve got a site that hits the nail right on the head when the wind industry has their people come over and thumb down every article and every comment posted.

    What losers!

    Thank goodness for the internet, it can’t be gagged and it’s reaches out beyond their control.

    (waiting… lol… for the thumbs down assault team)

  4. The above post should explain why the Wind Industry Information sessions are correctly know as “Misinformation” sessions…

  5. No, I’m not going to remove the rating feature. Just ignore them.

  6. T from Turbine Town

    We hope you are keeping a journal of your suffering in your home since the turbines went up. The wind turbine debacle and this false Green Energy bubble is about to burst and now banks and investors are backing off. The truth is getting out there. I hope you get compensation for all your illness and suffering. We will all stand beside you after the fall.
    So many people had to give up their homes or stay and suffer serious health problems. This has to be Ontario’s greatest shame! All because McGuinty got hoodwinked and we got exploited by both the wind industry and our own elected officials. So sad, so criminal.

  7. I live on Wolfe island. The tubines are HORRIBLE!!!!! I thought my heart was broken before…………and now point pelee! Where does it end?! I hope the EA does more good than it did here!:(

  8. As an outdoor new media communicator covering the hunting and fishing issues in Ontario I have found these wind turbines annoying and loud while doing research in surrounding areas. It’s very hard to concentrate on photography with those blades grinding up the air. I can’t imagine those giant whirly blades making Ontario green. The McGuinty Liberal’s must want some sort of legacy no matter what the cost in health, environment concerns by pisssing off people in farms lands and lakeshore communities.

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