Kingsville residents come out in droves to say no to turbines

KINGSVILLE, Ont. — Packing a public meeting at the Lakeside Park Pavilion, about 300 Kingsville residents opened fire on a multibillion-dollar offshore wind project aiming at Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair.

“That is the jewel of the south shore, Leamington and Kingsville,” area resident Gerry Graham told representatives of SouthPoint Wind, drawing loud cheers. “We have no problem with wind turbines. It’s where you put them.”

Critics of the proposal, which would see 715 turbines raised in the lakes in 13 clusters, bombarded SouthPoint spokesman Daniel Cherrin with questions and citations from independent studies warning of environmental damage.

SouthPoint consultant Tom Athens said the Ontario government has set out very few guidelines for offshore wind.

“The difficult part of this meeting was, this was not to provide a broad project overview,” Athens told The Star. “The people obviously want more answers.

“It’s always a challenge when folks are upset. People don’t want to see this out their window.”

Kingsville mayoral candidate Jim Shean called the turbine plan an example of democracy hijacked.

“People didn’t want this four years ago and we were told this issue was closed,” he said.  “This stuff is monstrous, what they want to do here.”

7 thoughts on “Kingsville residents come out in droves to say no to turbines

  1. “This stuff is monstrous, what they want to do here.””….and …… “We have no problem with wind turbines. It’s where you put them.”………….

    These two public statements are “music” to South wind’s ears.

    With statements like that it is a “GO” for Wind Turbines anywhere in Ontario off shore and on shore!

    Until the statements are: “This stuff is monstrous, what they want to do ANYWHERE in ONTARIO!” &
    “We have a problem with ALL wind turbines.”, then the war is lost!

  2. So glad this meeting was so big. They are new and don’t know the whole story yet. Had to bury our wonderful old dog today so I don’t have any fire in me tonight. You tell em Quixote!

  3. I think they all should be put in Gerry Graham’s backyard – they are not new, turbines were proposed four years ago down there . As Quixote says – he is “music” to South Winds ears.

  4. Seriously… this is how you treat people?

    Do you not want everyday residents to show up at these meetings? They may not say the “right” thing all the time or even have all the information, but at least they came and at least they care.

    Sheesh… All he said was it’s about where you put them. That means poorly sited – whether it’s in a lake or too close to someones home, business or property.

    Better have people behind you than not show up at all.

  5. You have to speak out against the root of the issue here if there is to be any significant blow dealt. If the majority of opponents keep portraying the stance “we’re not against wind power…”, just what result should we all eventually expect to see? Best case, all said and done, is that we get further setbacks. That’s it, and still a “win” for the industry and Government.

    Also, this does not do any justice for our notorious label either. Statements like this, yes, in my opinion, do make us look like a bunch of NIMBY’s.

    People need to stop playing in the hands of the industry. These guys aren’t idiots. They know exactly how to deal with opponents.

    Expose the scam. AGW is a fraud, wind turbines are a fraud.

  6. You are correct Two Little Witches, When we first heard the news last year we were afraid to sound non green and kept saying can’t “they” put them up north on crown land???” But wind Turbines are not Green at all and the new people will eventually learn that through research. This green energy bubble will burst soon and the truth will come out. Pardon us if we get cranky sometimes as we are just exhausted from reading ,reading, reading, blogging, blogging blogging. night and day for months on end to get the info out there. But the “carpetbaggers” keep riding, riding, riding, and the MOE keeps stamping , stamping, stamping! And the wind industry keeps lying, lying, lying……….. Please stay with us and fight, we need you.

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