Former CEO of Ontario Power Authority Denounces McGuinty’s Dangerous Energy Policy

Jan Carr

By Jan Carr, PhD, P.Eng.

Ontario needs to return to rational decision-making when it comes to ensuring that current strategies meet future power generation needs. Current policies, such as the promotion of wind power, reflect public concerns about global warming at the expense of securing a stable and economic energy future. If such publicly popular but economically unsound policies continue, the province’s prosperity will be seriously jeopardized.

In this provocative paper, one of the world’s leading experts on electricity generation traces the history of electrical utilities in Ontario and why their continued existence is essential to providing power cheaply and efficiently. In fact, he urges continued promotion of utilities as the best way to ensure that Ontario’s carbon footprint is reduced while maintaining its economic well-being.  Read Entire Paper Here

3 thoughts on “Former CEO of Ontario Power Authority Denounces McGuinty’s Dangerous Energy Policy

  1. What’s the problem with our Ontario Government using the (FAKE) Green Energy Act to destroy the environment ?….Kinda ironic, huh …

  2. Hope this article wakes up the complacent ‘sleepers’ in Heir McGuinty’s regime. This should cause the biggest rift to date! Hurry book hot off the press:

    ” The Rise and Fall of Dalton McGuinty”

    or “Mine Goof” , The Green Energy Act !

  3. Insiders like Carr know all too well what McGuinty’s plans are and have nothing to do with being fair and’s all about making money for his “cronies” and padding his own “nest” when he is “kicked to the curb”!

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