McGuinty’s Liberals Want 715 Turbines in Lake Erie

Ontario communities feel abandoned by the McGuinty government who, in the name of its Green Energy Act, has not only washed its hands of most monitoring duties, but also has placed the onus of environmental proof on the municipalities rather than the developers.

8 thoughts on “McGuinty’s Liberals Want 715 Turbines in Lake Erie

  1. Will the turbines not attract lightning strikes???

    I picture waking up to a lake completely full of dead fish, belly up and floating to shore.

    That’s when a sea of angry people will dump them on the steps of Queen’s Park,it will be called the Toronto Fish Party!

  2. Get pictures of the dead frogs. Then they can’t say they didn’t know. I read in one of these blogs that a young girl said she used to walk around her pond in her bare feet and the frogs would hear the vibration and plop plop plop into the pond. Last year after the wind turbines started up she could not find even one frog. This to me is a very serious observation. It is obvious that the LFN or vibration is having a tremendous impact on nature! The writing on the wall. Scary stuff and what is scarier is that nobody will listen or take heed, until the whole chain is in peril. I would take them to the Ministry of the Environment and insist that they document this and keep it on file. Tell them you are going public with this information. Don’t leave the frogs there, put them in your freezer! Then do it! Just keep phoning radio & TV Stations until some one listens to you and the dead frogs! Plop them on the desk of the Editor at a major Toronto newspaper. Take a picture of him/her looking at the dead frogs and date it. This will help your personal injury case down the road.

  3. Please don’t worry about any Wind Employees causing any trouble. They are a special “breed” that really don’t have an “evolved” thought process. They are “cookie cutter versions” of their bosses and really don’t have any feelings about nature or fellow man. They measure everything they do in their life under an underlined figure in a bank book and hopefully the colour of that figure is Black!

    They have basically been “indoctrinated” in all beliefs and have no “Original thoughts”, nor do they ever want to have them.

    There is a sure way to tell who a Wind Employee is and here’s the test: let them get “on message” for a short period of time until they start to look glassy eyed and comfortable and THEN shout a quick question to them in mid sentence….ask them anything!……………like “how’s the price of wheat in China?”…… them try and “re-wind” to the words where they were interrupted. They will take about a minute or two to get back on that little “taped message” inside their head and off they go again……….until…………the next outburst……….

    That’s why when you go to a Public Meeting there is only a one way dialogue and no questions can be answered……….

    There is the type of person your dealing with……….if there is to be a one on one question and answer meeting then the Wind Company sends in the head “professor” who indoctrinated these poor souls as he/she are the ones who have thought up the psycho babble in the first place. These sad folks have been involved with their like for so long that nothing exists outside the Investment/Wind/Political triad and have no feelings whatsoever about any other human beings sharing the same space as them.

    So don’t worry about wee fuzzy rodents being inside our world, they are there just to show us how honest, truthful and free We really are!

  4. “They have basically been “indoctrinated” in all beliefs and have no “Original thoughts”, nor do they ever want to have them.”

    How true that is.

  5. Amphibians most likely do not fare well with stray voltage. Water is a good conductor of electricity. Is there a connection. Depends. Can it be proved? Again depends who you can get to help you. There are experts at this site Most who work there are species experts and not much into the political layers. They also know of others at the academic levels that may be of interest in what is happening at your pond. What you are observing should not be considered normal. You need to find someone who is concerned with the declining numbers and habitat losses of amphibians in Ontario and know more about amphibians. A large area of amphibian habitat loss surrounding a wind turbine development adds to the long list of negative impacts.

  6. I agree with Zen2then There are many serious and “moral” experts at MNR that really care about the various species at risk. Unfortunately they don’t have much say in policy but they do receive reports and I believe if you called the office in your respective area and ask for a scientist or some “worker” that specializes in that species you may just get some action.

    I personally received a great amount of help from our local MNR when I needed information and the gal there went way over her mandate to help me out. They can’t say much about their bosses but I know they wish them GONE!

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