Upcoming Debate on Health Effects

Maine’s Dr. Michael Nissenbaum of The Society for Wind Vigilance is preparing to debate Dr. Robert McCunney on May 6, 2010.

Dr. Nissenbaum has been carrying out a study at Mars Hill in Maine.’Preliminary findings of a controlled study (Mars Hill, Maine) being conducted by Dr. Michael Nissenbaum to investigate potential negative health effects concludes that adults living within 1100 meters of industrial wind turbines suffer high incidences of chronic sleep disturbances and headaches, among other somatic complaints, and high incidences of dysphoric psychiatric symptomatology, compared to a control group living 5000-6000 meters away. This controlled study is a work in progress.  http://www.windvigilance.com

Dr. Robert McCunney of Massachusetts General Hospital is one of the 8 “experts” who took part in the American/ Canadian Wind Energy Associations “Wind Turbine Sound and Health Effects: An Expert Panel Review, December 2009”

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Debate on Health Effects

  1. Let’s say Dr. Nissenbaum “wins” this debate and shows us that Dr. McCunney’s study should be eliminated as a reference point in CANWEA’s Propaganda mill.

    Who in Ontario would we appeal to to have CANWEA’s “health report” discredited?

    Obviously our Ontario Government supports and “echoes” anything CANWEA states, so what next?

  2. The winning is achieved in who attends other than that nothing changes reality for those affected.

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