Health studies needed before new wind turbines: MPP Arnott

News Release Ted Arnott, MPP
Wellington – Halton Hills
March 30, 2010

(Queen’s Park) – Wellington-Halton Hills MPP Ted Arnott wants to see controversial wind farm projects placed on hold, pending completion of a study documenting their health effects.

“Before building massive new wind farms, we need to know they’re safe,” he said. “That’s the valid point my constituents are making.”

In resolution he introduced March 25 in the Ontario Legislature, Mr. Arnott is calling for completion of a comprehensive and credible study, which would document the full health effects of wind turbines, before any new wind farm proposals could proceed.

“This is an important step, because it elevates the issue and it shows that we’re serious,” explained Mr. Arnott. “It puts the issue squarely on the legislative agenda, so that the McGuinty government can’t just ignore it.”

Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Murdoch introduced a similar motion last fall, but every Liberal present at the time voted to defeat it. Still, given increasing interest and concern over the issue, Mr. Arnott believes the Legislature needs to look at this again.

His initiative is largely based on a resolution adopted by municipalities across Ontario. The County of Wellington and the Township of Centre Wellington, among others, have passed the resolution originating in December with the Township of Mapleton.

“Our local councils deserve credit for taking a strong stand,” said Mr. Arnott.

Wind farm proposals now under consideration are linked directly to the McGuinty government’s Green Energy Act. Last year, Mr. Arnott spoke and voted against the legislation, which has restricted opportunities for public input.

More recently, on February 24, Mr. Arnott spoke in the Legislature on the proposed Belwood Wind Farm, passing along some of the concerns he has heard from area residents.

Mr. Arnott’s resolution reads as follows:

That, in the opinion of this House, the Government of Ontario, through the Ministry of the Environment, should issue a moratorium on the approval of wind energy projects until a comprehensive and credible epidemiological health study has been completed by a qualified and independent third party, and released to the people of Ontario.

For further information:

Ted Arnott, MPP
Phone 416-325-3880

3 thoughts on “Health studies needed before new wind turbines: MPP Arnott

  1. Time to table another motion, we’ll be there at Queens Park again….with even more supporters.

  2. Education, Education Education.

    The information about dirty electricity and LFN needs to get out there!

    Most people are in the dark about the causes of illness. When they make a statement about wind turbines being the same as a rumbling truck going by or a jet passing you can plainly see that most people are ignorant about the real causes of illness. And the remark on record of the Hansard at Queen’s Park by a MPP about Toronto having ONE turbine and how lovely it is, obviously, this guy has no concept of living in the middle of over a hundred turbines! That he couldn’t even imagine that symptoms would magnify with more than ONE turbine left me dumbfounded as to the lack of intelligence controlling our lives from Queen’s Park! This man was a joke, a non thinking cucumber! Then he went on to say that he was in Ottawa when farmers demanded wind turbines to supplement their earnings. Gee, the rest of us just have to change jobs when we find we can’t survive in our chosen field. The farmer beside me that has applied to put up 9 turbines is a multi- millionaire
    and he owns 2100 acres, a whole block from one concession to the next and almost from one line to the next! He has the best, newest equipment and his family is know in the area for their extreme wealth!!! He is just pissed off that many millionaires bought land on “his” road and built or restored beautiful country estates. He calls them week- enders and made it known he had no use for us. Some farmers are poor and need money as crops are a volatile business… so!… sell your farm and move, or go on welfare! Don’t ruin our
    health and lives because you don’t want to farm anymore! SHAME ON YOU !

  3. We need more politicians the likes of Mr. Arnott and Mr. Murdoch. They are out there and are afraid to appear “UNGREEN” !!!
    The phonies who ride on the “SAVE THE PLANET” bandwagon are only after fast $$$s anyway.
    And yes we need another protest at the Ivory Tower (Parliament Hill) and let’s make it HUGE !!!

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