CAEPLA Gives Some Solid Advice to Landowners Regarding Wind Leases

Canadian Association of Energy and Pipeline Landowners Association  Spring 2010 Journal

What many landowners with wind agreements don’t realize is that after a land company puts together a block of signed easement agreements in an area, it can easily sell them to another company for a windfall profit. This reselling process can happen several times before development even gets under way.

Signed easements in a block area are worth a lot of money. In fact, so much money that investment interests from all over the world will stand up and pay attention.The electric company that does the windmill work may be owned by investors from all over the world. Easements for wind turbine construction are “blanket easements.”  That means as soon as the farmer signs the agreement, the company that has the easement holds more interest in the land than the farmer. 

From that day forward, without the express written permission of the wind turbine company, no further development of the land by the landowner is permissible.        Read entire article here

5 thoughts on “CAEPLA Gives Some Solid Advice to Landowners Regarding Wind Leases

  1. Property leases will be sold and re-sold so the farmer may not even know who holds the lease agreement to what once was their property. No ability to sell or subdivide. Puts a hold on land to the point people will be paying taxes on land they may no longer want or afford to own. The government promoted and supported this land give away saying it would save the farmers. How is this going to help farmers? A foreign control of property without the responsibilities of taxes associated with ownership.

  2. The Ontario Federation of Agriculture also fully supported the Green Energy Act and the corporate takeover of our farmlands. Short-sighted and naive.

  3. I hope south point wind don`t decide to put these windmills in the lake ….destroy my livelihood then make a pile of money then liquidate it then run for the hills , leaving the clean up for the ontario tax payers.

  4. We’re paying for the party…our sons and daughters will pay for the clean-up.

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