Hundreds Protest SouthPoint Wind Project

By Mark Ribble, Leamington Post

Angry residents demanded answers and Cherrin attempted to diffuse the situation before the Leamington Police Service arrived and had SouthPoint Wind’s Jim Liovas make an announcement to shut the meeting down. 

Several hundred people showed up at the Princess Centre Saturday afternoon to voice their concerns over the wind turbine project proposed for Lake Erie by SouthPoint Wind.

Although the public forum was a requirement of the process, it was initially to be on a smaller scale, according to Daniel Cherrin, consultant from Detroit, who was there to represent SouthPoint Wind.

“We have altered the format because we know a lot of people have questions and concerns,” he said. “We’re here to give a very basic overview of what we are doing.”

The meeting room on the third floor of the Princess Centre was packed to capacity and beyond. Crowds spilled into the hallway, down the corridor and out into the lobby of the building.

After a brief introduction, Cherrin opened the floor to questions, which came fast and furious. Most in attendance wanted to know about the environmental impact of the project on the lake and its inhabitants.

Cherrin was quick to point out that studies were underway and he couldn’t yet answer those questions. He stressed that they were in the beginnings of the project and he didn’t have a lot of information. He did confirm, however, that there are two phases; one with 15 turbines, and another with about 700 turbines, which will come along much later.

The project was originally proposed a few years ago and with the government’s moratorium on green energy in 2006, it was put on hold. After the government’s recent lifting of the moratorium through the Green Energy Act, the project is back on the front burner and moving forward through the process. And part of the process is the public meeting.

Angry residents demanded answers and Cherrin attempted to diffuse the situation before the Leamington Police Service arrived and had SouthPoint Wind’s Jim Liovas make an announcement to shut the meeting down.

People then gathered outside, where Cherrin said he would be happy to answer any questions he could. Several people stayed behind and questioned Liovas as well.

 The process will continue with more public meetings in the next few months, according to Liovas.

3 thoughts on “Hundreds Protest SouthPoint Wind Project

  1. I was at that meeting. Who do the Liovas company and is representatives think they’re fooling? He knew from the first meeting that morning that the Princess Center would not be big enough….further more, with the out cry from the public priour to these meetings….he knew that this would be big…like I stated in the prior posts on this site…I am the only commercial fisherman that owns the right to fish in the leamington grounds where the Liovas company has decided to construct the Leamington windmill farm.

    That farm will be 100% in my grounds…he knew this 4 years ago…yet has he spoke to me face to face or on the phone about what would or could happen in my case…I have a legitimate complaint with the Liovas company….you would think that a RESPONSIBLE company would address this? And yet has he made an attempt to do so…So with the way this company has conducted itself???? Well I need not say anything…the amateur and unprofessionalism with these meetings speaks for the quality of this company! As for the thumbs up/down on these posts… It is laughable too! People that want to give me a thumbs down for the truth that I wrote and losing my company that I have worked so hard for because Im getting the runaround from these windmills…well people like that just are not right in the head…they need to seek medical help!

  2. I take it as a compliment that the ignorant and uninformed know enough to read our posts when they want to know the truth.

    Thanks for letting us know of your visit by signing a thumbs down!

  3. The thumbs down assault team are very likely paid employees of the wind developers.

    The internet has made it possible for the people to research, gather information, organize, protest and put out the truth in ways never possible before.

    The fact that they spend so much time monitoring our conversations and trying to fake public opinion shows just how worried they are.

    Consider it “paid programming”… and laugh!
    ROFLMAO ;o)

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