McGuinty to Throw Another 8 Billion of Our Tax Money into the Wind

Globe and Mail

The Ontario government will announce today that it is awarding just over $8-billion in renewable energy projects to dozens of companies, making it the biggest investment of its kind in Canadian history.

The total value of the renewable energy projects to be announced today eclipses the $7-billion deal the McGuinty government signed in January with a consortium led by South Korean industrial giant Samsung Group. This time around, the government is awarding contracts to entities ranging from first nations communities to major corporations from overseas, the United States and across Canada to develop wind, solar and run-of-river hydro projects, sources familiar with the deal said.

8 thoughts on “McGuinty to Throw Another 8 Billion of Our Tax Money into the Wind

  1. Great….I guess that this will help reduce our $24 Billion deficit…Is this still a great deal when my energy costs double because of this BOONDOGGLE ?

    When has our Ontario Government let us down before ?…E- Health, WSIB, All day JK, OLG, Caledonia, DRIVE CLEAN program, MPAC, etc…

    Oh well, at least we feel “FAKE” Green…Everyone will look up to us….!!

    Too Bad we don’t have anyone to audit these massive expenditures ?

    Where’s Andre Marin ???

  2. This government is in a spending frenzy regardless of our debt. How do we pay for this? It is not their money being given away. They are living to the statement “If there is no way out go in further”. There is a feeling if they throw enough money at it they can say they created 50,000 jobs. It would be far cheaper for them to pay 50,000 people directly to do a job that would actually benefit the people of Ontario. That would provide 50,000 people who would then have money to spend that would create other jobs. What is happening now is we will pay more for less than 50,000 jobs and have less to spend elsewhere.

  3. Cold Comfort here!…………I guess when we are outside the hospital in the rain waiting for a nurse to be “freed up” and a bed being made available so we can be admitted for a diagnosis of that damn pain in the chest that just won’t go away, we can at the very least feel good because the lights in the parking lot are burning bright with all the Green Clean Energy anyone could wish for…………UNLESS, the wind stops blowing!

  4. Oust McGuinty now! This is an abuse of power! He is certifiable. If this doesn’t cause an uproar, we might as well pack up, count our losses and get out of Ontario.

  5. March on Queen’s Park with signs that say:

    Oust McGuinty! Non confidence! he is destroying Ontario!

    More people from all walks of life join the march as this is a very unpopular Premier. Press would pick up on it and it snowballs from there. Once we have headlines, we can educate the populace on the UNGREENESS of Wind Turbines.

  6. Stolen from a comment in the G&M on April 8, 2010…

    The new saying in Ontario is not “build it and they will come”.

    It is “subsidize it heavily and they will stampede”.

  7. We may have to wait in line for Buses as the rest of Ontario is about to turn on this guy and his merry band of idiots like no other Premier has ever witnessed.

    Good luck Mr. Thumbs Down!

  8. Notice that he’s not pointing at the wind turbine but up into the air… perhaps at all that money being blown away.

    Or maybe another Bald Eagle just got hit!

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