Why are we experimenting with endangered species?

Credit:  The Sault Star, www.saultstar.com

A dead Bald Eagle was found about 40 metres from an industrial wind turbine in Norfolk County last year. The eagle’s body was sent to Bird Studies Canada and then to the MNR. An examination of the carcass showed it had injuries consistent with a sudden impact while toxicology tests indicated it was otherwise healthy 

MNR Representative, Ron Gould stated “It may take several years to conclude conclusively.” 

One healthy eagle out of a total of only nine nesting pairs in Norfolk County may be unsustainable. This wind facility has been operating only a year. Thousands more turbines are proposed along the north shore of Lake Erie and the number of deaths can only increase. Why are we experimenting with an endangered species? 

The tips of these blades are travelling at speeds of 200 mph, sweeping the size of a football field. Eagles naturally soar on wind currents, as they always have. But the MNR blames the eagle for being “careless”. 

The mortality of one bald eagle from a nesting pair is most likely the loss of a nesting site and increases the mortally chances (which is already high) for eaglets if killed during the nesting season. Bald eagles mate for life. 

Killing or even harassing a bald eagle is supposed to be a chargeable offence. What sort of investigation was done to ensure proper mitigation was in place? Well, you see, the CEO of International Power who owns this turbine also happens to be the Executive Vice President of the Liberal Party of Canada, Mike Crawley. Judge for yourself. 

M. Anderson, 

Amherstburg, Ont.

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  1. “Well, you see, the CEO of International Power who owns this turbine also happens to be the Executive Vice President of the Liberal Party of Canada, Mike Crawley.”

    ………….this must not be forgotten..

  2. I like the slogan “Save an Eagle – Kill a Wind Turbine” on a sign from a protest by Native Americans in California taken from this site


    Maybe an idiot needs years to figure this out, but wind turbines kill eagles. There is enough information available to understand if the precautionary principle was implemented the death risk to eagles would be reduced in Norfolk County by removing the wind turbines. The questions is what is the MNR willing to do about it?

  3. To the ones that did not accept (thumbs down) what I posted.. I say this situation (the green energy law and being a CEO of a wind turbine company) is a blatant conflict of interest..
    This because the chief exective officer of a wind turbine company must not be able to influence the government in order to enrich himself..

    He is influencing politics in order to make himself rich.. Its as simple as that..

    from some searches….


    (June 27, 2003) – Ontario Energy Minister John Baird today announced the creation of the Electricity and Supply Task Force that is to examine electricity supply and conservation measures necessary to meet the long-term electricity needs of Ontario. The task force will be co-chaired by Gunars Ceksters, president and CEO of Enersource Corporation, and Peter Budd, Ontario Energy Association Chair and Toronto lawyer. Ceksters will be responsible for leading the task force on conservation and demand side management, while Budd will lead the task force on electricity supply.

    The task force members:

    • Mike Crawley, president and CEO of AIM PowerGen Corporation;

    …………end of quoting from that page


    …………this from Feb 2009

    And, in an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Crawley – the party’s Ontario president – confirmed his name will be on the ballot. “We’ve got a great opportunity with the Liberal Party right now, I think, not only to return to power but also to do a heck of a lot of good things for the country. We’ve got a strong leader. We’ve got some great ideas that are coming up through the Liberal Party – different policy ideas that can really change the country and make it even better then it is now.

    I ask.. How can anyone condone or accept this?

    I also ask if a person can leave the site and come back and thumb down a post over and over again.. A kid maybe..

  4. A friend who lives > 50 km from IWT’s suggested that I invite doubting politicians [NOT those committed to IWT’s nor those firmly opposed] to live in my house for a week or three so that they can experience the debilitating effects themselves.

    So far, invitations, in face to face conversation with David Suzuki, Jack Layton and Peter Tabuns were declined.

    Federal Green Party candidate Ellen Michelson, a confirmed pro-wind politician stayed for a week and steadfastly refused to attribute the headache she had on the last two nights to the effects of the IWT’s. Nevertheless, her Blog did praise very highly the hospitality of her hostess.

    So, once again, the invitation is offered to those who doubt, please try to live 24/7/3 surrounded within a 3 km radius by 18 Vestas 1.65 MW IWT’s

  5. Suggestion for T: Use a long-handled rake to knock those signs down. Worked for me with similar crap advertising.

    SJ: Something I’d like to point out to those who doubt your symptoms is the parallel to being exposed to UV rays outside. Stepping out into the sunshine for a short time period won’t bring on a sunburn. Ditto for a low period of exposure to low frequency noise. However, for those with chronic exposure — ie major sunburn all over your body — even a short minute or two in the full sun will be extremely painful. Ditto for low frequency noise. After a week, Ellen Michelson was starting to build up the chronic exposure needed to trigger the “I can’t take it anymore, I’m out of here” response. Those who have been exposed to it for months are, indeed, ready to abandon their homes. Low frequency noise/vibration cannot be stopped with ear plugs or anything else short of thick concrete encasement of the entire structure.

  6. A local newspaper (Bellville) is setting us up to love and want ‘green’..


    “Being green brings in the green

    Prince Edward County will reap the benefits of a flurry of green energy announcements made by the province..”

    ….end of quoting.

    This article makes me so sad.. so very very sad..
    A person keeps thinking that maybe it wont happen..

    Stephana I read that blog.. and felt the woman had made her mind up before she got there..
    Good on you for what you did..

    Nite all…

  7. I’m pretty sure someone has been hired full time to thumbs down all the comments posted on this entire site. It’s pretty pathetic.
    They are currently putting in the access roads for turbines down my road here in the Cottam area. I’m not looking forward to these monsters going up. My father-in-law will be forced to stop flying after 45 years because of these things. I worry about the impact on wildlife as well. I also see they have cut down some trees to make room for these things. How is that environmentally sound? The poor farmers that were taken in by the wind companies to put one up on their land will be truly sorry for their decision once they can’t sleep at night. They will also be responsible for their destruction when the turbine is no longer operational.

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