ERCA board opposes turbines

The Essex Region Conservation Authority board backed a regional approach Thursday to fighting offshore wind turbines in lakes Erie and St. Clair.

The authority estimates studies on 15 turbines south of Leamington and Kingsville and on 700 turbines proposed for both lakes could cost more than $250,000.

Concern over turbines surrounding Essex County and anger over having to fund environmental impact studies was clear around the table.

“I don’t think anybody could grasp what could happen with putting this many turbines in our lakes,” said Amherstburg Coun. Rick Fryer.

He said he’s concerned about sediment being stirred up during construction and affecting drinking wather.

Construction of turbines in Lake St. Clair could affect downstream municipalities such as Windsor, he said.

The board agreed to ask the Association of Municipalities of Ontario to approach the provincial government and protest the removal of planning powers in the Green Energy Act and the addition of the financial responsibility to fund studies.

10 thoughts on “ERCA board opposes turbines

  1. Too bad ERCA couldn’t see land base turbines in the same light. With over 300 litres of oil in the nacelle, these turbines on land also represent point source of potential pollution for our ground water, but I guess I keep on forgetting that prime agricultural land in Essex county where we grow our food is not as important and that reports of turbine collapses all over the U.S. (recently in Fenner New YorK) and Europe just don’t happen. At least councillors are now seeing how the GEA is stiffling municipal planning responsibilities. Too late for the Harrow Wind project which managed to skip through with shorter setbacks and inadequate noise assessments.

  2. Amen, sister! It’s too bad it took Essex County residents this long to wake up to the issues. Anyone who thinks they are “OK on land, just not in the water”, should be slapped.

  3. They are not OK anywhere!………the reasons for building these by Duguid yesterday was to fight Global Warming!

    Has he not read any newspapers lately and discovered that Global Warming is a LIE?
    Creation of 10’s of thousands of jobs is a LIE!…….anyone who can read can “google” Spain, Green Jobs and read a horror story.

    All of this 8 Billion Dollar expenditure is based on out and out LIES and should be reported as such.

    Unfortunately there is no mainstream media left in Canada that has the guts or honesty to even touch on these LIES because they “may” lose funding from the LIARS that are stripping this Province’s wealth faster than a “plague”!

  4. Quixote I agree with you and to add to your statements, industrial wind has never been proved to deliver on any of its promises even if the rest was true. Lies on lies.

    The buy out of the media has always been an issue, but for what end? Anyone who speaks of “global warming” shows their ignorance and I lose interest in anything more they might say or do. I cannot read or listen to anything with David Suzuki, Bob MacDonald or Peter Mansbridge referenced. They are jokes.

  5. Slapped? Try tar and feathering ’em! Lasts longer.

    If the idiot councils had held firm against IWTs on land, putting them offshore would have been political suicide. But they wanted to line their pockets with easy tax revenue. Now the provincial government wants to do the same — while squandering it as fast it comes in.

  6. References on wind turbines specifications indicate there can be up to 600 litres per turbine with some even more in the 2 and 3 MW rated turbines. There are no measures in place to monitor containment of turbine oil. Oil could disappear and no one would know unless it was significant enough to be noticed by the public. Most developments ignore the problem. All that is legally required is a call to MOE spills centre if there is a chance someone outside of the company might notice. How much confidence do we have that one call will magically see the situation taken care of?

  7. Enough studies already……globally they’ve been done so there is no point in throwing more money at this obscene nonsense. Pictures and video clips from the internet are worth a thousand words, what more do they need? Why study the obvious any further? People, let’s quit fooling ourselves, our governments are already quite aware of the mess that has been created by IWT’s. In keeping with their agenda though, they just simply ignore the people. Saying more studies are required is just another tactic McGuinty and Duguid hide behind. These tactics have been well designed by the environmental propangandists and dished out to governments worldwide.

    As a special interest note: “Energy Riots in Kyrgyzstan which has seen protestors beat a Cabinet minister to death” ”

    “Soaring energy costs anger Kyrgyzstan”, with prices for electricity having risen 100 percent and the cost of central heating shooting up by 500 percent. Clearly, energy prices have been the primary trigger of current events”

    It’s going to get very ugly in Ontario real soon!

  8. City folks don’t know what ugly is! When you mess with someones land or farm you really ought to think twice, because country folks don’t cotton to well to being bullied, insulted or hoodwinked by politicians. McGuinty should resign now before the real poop hits those big fans! He will be remembered for generations as the fool who let his big shot-ite-is ego compete to try and out green BC Premier. Dalton thought he was a great business leader and all he had to do was fool some backwoods hicks and ram rod our taxes to seduce carpetbaggers who had warn out their welcome in Europe! He should have got his facts straight first! Snooze you Lose Dalton! We are on to you and your Liberal mamby pamby yes men.

  9. dalton did it again today giving billions to put up more windfarms in our province that dont work. our hydro rates went up last week to pay for this folly. wait till next year when they go up 38 percent or more.

  10. Electricity rates up by 38 percent may not seem too bad when reality see the rates triple. If we do not see them triple the money will come from cutting other programs. We are seeing them nearly double at times with smart meter rates. Old rate 5.8 cents during peak times, new rate 9.3 cents during peak times. That is just the start.

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