Tom Adams: McGuinty’s Green Energy Act a Failure

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The Green Energy Act construct is unstable and unlikely to persist for long. The coming rate shock has recently been analyzed by Bruce Sharp of Aegent Energy Advisors. He forecasts a residential rate hit in the order of 28% by the end of 2011. About half of this overall hit can be associated with Green Energy Act and related influences. The only historic precedent for a rate increase of this magnitude arose in the early 1990 due to the entry of Darlington into the rate base. The rate increases at that time marked a significant drop in public confidence in the power system. Direct policy implications ensued including the arrival of Maurice Strong at Ontario Hydro and his declaration that it was a “utility in crisis”.  ~Tom Adams, independent energy and environmental advisor.

6 thoughts on “Tom Adams: McGuinty’s Green Energy Act a Failure

  1. 28%, a little more than the $5 increase Dudley Duguid announced yesterday, all for the sake of supposedly cleaning up our air. Forget about the fact that not one coal generating plant has ever been shut down worldwide because of inefficient, intermittent, unproven renewables.

  2. A $5.00 increase?!! Why is it that in the private sector if you make a statement with the intent to mislead, it is considered fraud, but if the government does it, it is public policy?

  3. At least Darlington continues to produce a constant flow of electricity onto the grid 20 years later. Wind will increase the electricity rates 28% and at times produce a variable nothing, most times produce a variable next to nothing and will likely produce nothing in 20 years. The variable electric production is the worst kind of power to produce and most times we would be better off without it. If the idea was to get wind power to provide a clean and renewable power source to meet our needs we need to recognize it has not yet been worked out. Everywhere the experiment is not working and a 28% rise in energy prices is a lot to pay for something that may appear to work now and then, here and there, but will not work most of the time and definitely not for long.

  4. Government and Corporate Mega-Projects. Cover your roof in solar panels and small turbines to power your own home. Insulate, barbeque, solar oven, clothesline, heat pump, bicycle, green wall, wear a sweater in the house in winter and stop air conditioning, solar tube lighting, lcd spot lighting, stop watching television, stop buying crap and supporting redundant industry, cook less eat more raw, understand priviledges are not rights.

    Use the grid as an back-up not a primary source.

    Save 5$


  5. Dalton (AKA Norman Bates) will blame all of this on his mother…

    I believe that a 28% is not realistic…The cost increases will be much higher than this and will be disguised as tax increases..

    With over $30 Billion Dollars of debt (unretired from previous boondoggles, and $12 Billion from the FAKE Green Energy Act) there will be no choice but to have massive tax and rate increases…

    Hide your wallets…The Ontario Liberal Government will make everyone forget about e-Health once this energy Boondoggle unfolds…

  6. 28% by 2011 eh?

    Ok… Our latest bill for 33 day @ 37kwh/day $203.00
    Last year same time 33 days @37kwh/ day $169.00

    Do the math, our bills are already 20% higher now!

    It won’t have to go up much to reach 28%

    The election in 2011 can’t come fast enough!

    Sean Holt.

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