Wellington County Citizens Furious with McGuinty Government

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At the very least

We are writing this letter to protest the haste with which the Ontario government is embracing the installation of wind turbines as a “green” solution to our energy needs.

If we are being asked to sacrifice our rural landscape for the greater good, at least let us know wind turbines were stud­ied and proved to be safe, efficient, and cost-effective.

We urge a moratorium be placed on all proposed wind turbine instal­lations until independent scien­tific studies on their effects have been completed.

Bob and Erica Gammage, RR2 Belwood

Neighbourhood options

Dear Editor:

Fellow citizens of Welling­ton County, please take a few moments to consider our fut­ure.

Corporations have invaded our area to further their own bottom line, between carbon credits and luxurious payouts from our provincial govern­ment.

Those farmers that have sign­ed contracts were given an option out at the East Garafraxa town council meeting by Invenergy representatives; they however, have the choice to do what they like, regardless of how it affects their neighbours. Please consider your love for your fellow citizen and how you would like it if the roles were reversed.

These companies can only pro­ceed if they have a land base. Our area will never be the same again, and all respect for one another with it. Tell Dalton McGuinty with letters how democratic his Green Energy Act really is.

Cornelis Boot, RR2 ELORA


Tornado alley tale

Dear Editor:

An open letter to Premier Dalton McGuinty, with copies to MPPs Ted Arnott, Sylvia Jones, John Gerretsen, Minis­ter of Environment Brad Du­guid.

I am a wife, a mother of two and a horticulturist. I live in Belwood. We moved out of the GTA 13 years ago to what we hoped would be a better life. We have a farm of 97 acres situ­ated along the conservation lands near the Grand River.

Life here is beautiful. We are stewards of our land and do not take that responsibility light­ly. Our property is home to much wildlife and it is also a migratory route for thousands of birds.

I commend the government for looking at ways to be more “green” but until we all have a complete unbiased under­stand­ing of both the health and environmental concerns in­volv­ed, a moratorium should be put in place in regards to these gargantuan (500 foot) structures.

How about incremental steps instead of giant leaps?

Public sentiment is growing daily that this is just another political scheme labelled “green”  that is going to cost us all in the long run with little benefit, and much heartache. Are my tax dollars going to subsidize the foreign industrial turbine companies?

Just that you have elimi­nated the normal democratic process has me concerned. What are you and your caucus hiding? You have taken away the voice of the people. I thought I lived in Ontario, Can­ada not some bullied province of China. There is no good ex­cuse to undermine democracy.

Shame on all of you.

Believe me when I tell you that farmers do not take bully­ing kindly or lightly. This is our land and our livelihoods and our way of life. We are fiercely independent. We have a strong connection to our land. Maybe this is something that city dwel­lers can not comprehend.

On top of all the other indignities your government has foisted upon us, you now want to erect these huge, un­sightly wind turbines on some of the most scenic, productive farmland left in Ontario.

Maybe as a showing of under­standing you could have one of these 500 foot turbines erected on the front lawn of Queen’s Park. It is, after all, for the people in the city for which you need the hydro, is it not?

How about placing some of them off the shores of Lake Ontario (just like some Euro­pean governments are now doing); this way it is in no one’s back yard. Gee, then it would be obstructing thousands the view of the lake, that could be a potential loss of votes. No, it is much easier to pick on the country folk where there aren’t as many to deal with.

I am concerned and frus­trat­ed at the way this government is handling this affair. I would like some answers, but please spare me the usual political bafflegab.

In concluding this letter, here is some more food for thought. Did you know that our area is nicknamed tornado alley? My children actually partake in tornado drills at school; I kid you not. Think of the potential for disaster.

D. M. Drover Coates, BELWOOD


Who is the boss?

Dear Editor:

An open letter to Premier Dalton McGuinty

Dear Mr. Premier:

As a long time supporter or yourself and the Ontario Lib­eral Party, I must say that the recent brouhaha concerning the Belwood wind farm in rural Ontario has really reshaped my views, political and otherwise.

The forthcoming introduc­tion of the HST is a real con­troversial item and I can appre­ciate your dilemma – to try to  address the wants of the many or to show dynamic leadership by imposing a controversial restructured tax measure that would simplify the tax collec­tion methods against the wishes of the many.

Sometimes a ruling party must set the tone; against all the controversy that must en­tail, however, to use this ap­proach indiscriminately in all matters sets the ruling party up as a dictatorship rather than an impartial democratic majority.

The previous Progressive Conservative government took a similar path by implementing a so called Common Sense Revolution that saw the voters turn against that format and bring a Liberal government – yours – into power.

In a recent move, your common sense approach to municipal affairs resulted in the removal of the municipal control over affairs within the municipal district, in favour of a provincial edict that literally gave your party control over the issue of green energy.

To strip the municipalities of their rights to oversee the matters within their respective boundaries, with no thought to the democratic process that allows the electorate – your literal bosses – to decide what is allowable or not in their jurisdiction sets your party up as a dictatorship, not a demo­cratic leader.

The municipalities of Cen­tre Wellington and East Garafraxa do not support the indiscriminate approvals of wind turbine farms, nor does the electorate support the F.I.T. (taxpayer funded profits for multinational wind energy cor­porations, because the cost of wind powered energy is not and will not be profitable for dec­ades). The Ministry of the Environment of Ontario has been enlisted as the bad boy by being appointed as the approval agency for these wind farms; and the Ministry of Health has followed the political winds of change by not following up with due diligence by investi­gating all health related issues with the wind farm phenomena – be they real or perceived.

A moratorium on new wind farms until an independently sponsored study into the health issues would have been the more prudent approach, to either support or dispel the claims of the different factions that have made counter claims as to the beneficial or adverse effects of these wind farms.

The Liberal Party of Ontario, by overriding the dem­o­c­ratic process of allowing the electorate to have its say in the area of wind powered energy and the approval of industrial wind farms within their re­spective communities, has set itself up much like the mon­archy of France in the early 1800s – and luckily for the Liberal Party, the guillotine has never caught on in this country.

It would be prudent for you and your party to take a mo­ment and remember just who it is that you work for – the tax­payers of Ontario or the multi­national corporations.

J.B. Martin, FERGUS

2 thoughts on “Wellington County Citizens Furious with McGuinty Government

  1. Hmmmm…………could the Liberal Party have awakened the “Silent Majority”?……….I hope so!

  2. All politicians work for the corporations that pay them not the voters if you do not you get booted out. It seems like we vote for someone with good intentions but they then are drawn to the corporate world not for the voice of the people. Until we all wake up and show them we are the boss not them we will not see change.

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