Don’t use lakes as testing ground

by Anton Klarich, Windsor Star

By now, many of us have been made aware of the public relations disaster created by the SouthPoint Wind company of Leamington.

Empowered by the anti-democratic provisions of the Liberal government’s Green Energy Act, SouthPoint Wind hosted a series of brief, poorly organized and incoherent presentations around the county on March 27, announcing their intentions to erect 715 wind turbine towers in the waters of lakes St. Clair and Erie.

The absurdity of this plan is only surpassed by the audacity of this company to tout this as good for the environment, despite its acknowledgement that there are few guidelines from the province to ensure so, and the arrogance of our provincial politicians who have deprived ordinary citizens of their right to effectively protest this plan.

I, too, blame the Liberal government for this heinous mess and I certainly have no faith in SouthPoint Wind’s ability to manage any project anywhere, given their amateurish dog-and-pony shows of March 27.

We can continue to debate ad nauseam the effects on people, wildlife and property values from the noise, lake-effect vibration and the constantly flickering shadows cast across the waters from the 2,145 turbine blades.

But, none of this is truly known yet since the Liberal government is allowing the Great Lakes system (the largest source of fresh water in the world) to be used as a first- time laboratory experiment for lake-based wind farms.

Like most people, I understand the importance of promoting green energy alternatives but not at the cost of forever denying our children the opportunity to see the natural beauty of an unobstructed horizon from the shorelines of our lakes.


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  1. What company is contracted to build these wind turbine towers?

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