Freedom of Information Act Response – The “Science” Behind the Green Energy Act

The following files are the result of a Freedom of Information Request as to the “science” that was used to justify the Green Energy Act.    How were setbacks determined?   What justifies the loss of citizen rights and local powers?   What justfies the autocratic approach and why were all submissions warning of problems ignored?  Was the science biased and lobbyist-driven?

FOIA File 1
FOIA File 2
FOIA File 3

Special Thanks to Pete Lomath

3 thoughts on “Freedom of Information Act Response – The “Science” Behind the Green Energy Act

  1. Fantastic Work.

    Now we can look at the Green Energy Act and ask the right questions .

    For those looking at the numbers — 8.5 m/sec is about 31KM/H — the “design point” of most wind turbines. The designers state that a 1.5MW machine should be in an environment that “averages” that value.

    I looked at the first document. It looked like it had only July-August measurements — low wind months. So be careful if you are estimating noise and “time of day” noise issues.

    Good Work ALL!!!!!

  2. Many thanks to Peter Lomath who is doing so much to help Ontario Victims of Industrial Wind Turbines [OVoIWT’s].

    Peter and a team of his colleagues, Professor John Harrison Physics/Queen’s University, Bill Palmer, P.ENG (Mech), Rick James, INCE, George Kamperman, INCE in the acoustical field not only review documents from the Ontario MoE; they are also helping groups through in monitoring noise levels before IWT’s are erected as well as people who live surrounded by IWT’s in order to compel all government agencies involved in the IWT approval, monitoring and regulating functions to develop science based protocols which will protect citizens from life destroying effects of those IWT’s which were built without those safeguards in place, leaving a rural wasteland and destroyed lives behind. is a source of other valuable information for use by groups trying to prevent the inundation of their communities by IWT’s which will destroy peace, tranquility and health if not confronted about lack of due diligence by those whom we have entrusted to protect us.

    Using the monitoring devices which are available through, groups will have to provide their own evidence to bring justice for their cause.

    All the best.

  3. Incredible!

    The MOE asserts that “Wind farm noise do not have significant low-frequency (infrasound) components” taken from file 1 above.

    Yet a word search of ALL 3 documents finds absolutely NO sound measurements in the “C” band! (dBC). In fact, “dBC” does not appear!

    If no infrasound measurements were taken, how can this statement be made?

    Do these people think we’re all stupid?


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