UK Turbines ‘sinking’

A titanic mess the taxpayers will have to clean up

Foundations suffering subsidence

by Richard Durham, Yachting Monthly

Wind turbines around the UK are sinking into the sea because their foundations are suffering from subsidence, according to Dong Energy, a Danish wind turbine owner, The Sun newspaper reports.

A wind farm off Essex and another in Liverpool Bay have been found to have the flaw and checks are to be made of turbines at Blyth, Northumberland and Robin Rigg in the Solway Firth.    Up to 336 of the UK’s turbines are at risk and will take £50 million to fix.

4 thoughts on “UK Turbines ‘sinking’

  1. Nows your chance Britain.

    Save your money, save your country. Decommission the monsters.
    Now your politicians can save face, and blame the decommissioning on the wind turbine manufactures.

    Bad politicians need an exit or they dig in like the donkeys they are.

  2. sinking wind turbines. another fine mess green energy has gotten into. who will have to pay for the repair, the english taxpayer?

  3. i am sorry to correct you mike but it will be the taxpayer of united kingdom and not the english one who will have to pay for this

  4. 336 at risk and 50 million to fix, if they can be fixed. Bit of an environmental problem one would think. No challenge is too much for industrial wind as it provides an excuse to acquire more money. The real objective of wind companies is not to provide power but to acquire as much money as possible in any way possible.

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