Wind Turbines: Ecological catastrophe in Belgium

EPAW   (English translation)

Built in Belgium with Estinnes in the province of Hainaut meadows of the French Border, of the 200m height  gigantic wind mills create major harmful effects with the residents. Tuesday April 13, 2010 with 10.30 H, a press conference will take place with International Close Center (IPC), Résidence De luxe hotel, rue de la Loi in Brussels on this ecological catastrophe.

The European platform against wind mills EPAW (European Platform Against Windfarms) strong of 395 federations of 21 European countries takes part in this press conference by the presence its délégu general E, President of Belgian association “Wind of Reason”

The Durable Environment Federation French National federation Co-founder of Epaw denounces such ecological catastrophes. Phenomena of disorders of the health of the residents are noted in the vicinity of the wind mills and in particular in France.

The “profiteurs of the Business wind ecologist” as this week a large French satirical newspaper titrated it endanger the people and destroy the environment in the name of a canted ecology
A report on these most powerful wind mills of Estinnes on ground, established in particular with the financial support of the European commission will be publi& eacu you; on Internet site of Epaw, at the conclusion of the press conference The citizens of Estinnes express their sufferings and their despair there.
JL Butré President Durable Fédération Environment

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  1. I see this protest as a turning point. This story needs to be told on Canadian News! This is really “BIG” in terms of awakening the soul of North America and exposing the sham.. Get this out there to everyone you know. These people need our support as well. They are not NIMBY”S

    Finally the truth is coming out and not even McGuinty or Obama can keep their finger in the Dyke.

  2. I can’t find the subject of ecological impact in the article, could someone link it or copy and paste?

    Thank you.

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