Wind turbines only add to environmental problems

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Does Ontario’s energy minister really expect taxpayers to believe the same old green spin?

His own experts at Ontario Power Authority concluded that adding any substantial amount of wind power to Ontario’s grid “would result in higher greenhouse gas emissions because of the need to install back-up gas plants.” It is my understanding that to support wind turbines, Germany had built more coal and gas plants, and that Irish and German studies found carbon dioxide emissions actually increased.

The Suzuki Foundation warns that fine particulates from gas plants are unhealthier than coal because they get stuck deep in the lungs. There’s no safe limit of exposure.

I understand that studies on green jobs from Spain, Denmark and Germany found more jobs lost than created because of spiralling electricity prices and the exodus of manufacturing industries.

The London Times reports Samsung’s chairman has just been pardoned after serving half his three-year prison sentence for breach of trust and evading $113 million taxes. Doesn’t Ontario investigate business partners?

Why appoint a solar panel expert as research chair to review medical complaints? Where is the moratorium and epidemiological health studies demanded by so many municipalities?

The Green Energy Act has dismantled most of our environmental protection legislation.

In his March 29 letter to the editor in this newspaper, Brad Duguid doesn’t mention costs. After contracting to pay four to 20 times above market rates for “green” electricity and forcing ratepayers to pay gas back-up and new transmission lines ($5 billion), hydro bills are skyrocketing, making Ontario less competitive, not kick-starting the economy.

Keith Stelling, Central Bruce-Grey Wind Concerns, Southampton



4 thoughts on “Wind turbines only add to environmental problems

  1. More FAKE Green….With the FAKE Green Energy Act….but at least we have more FAKE Green Jobs after spending $10 Billion….What a BOONDOGGLE….Wait ’til the Stealth TAX increases kick in as our rates go thru the roof….Hang On Ontario…

  2. Best info yet! We are a people reacting to our perceptions of climate change and in a blind panic the populace thinks the Emperor is wearing clothes! But guess what folks ? It is all a sham!!! Do not fall for it and please Oust McGuinty and save Ontario. You owe this much to your children and their children.. Don’t worry! Man will come up with solutions to energy consumption and new Green energy will become the mainstream but not wind turbines, not now , NOT EVER!!!

  3. Don’t know how much more “reality” has to be injected into this Wind Scam before this Government owns up to the fact that this Green Energy Plan is so bad that it can only be classified as the biggest blunder ever made by a Government body since settlement days!

  4. Keith Stelling,

    “The Green Energy Act has dismantled most of our environmental protection legislation.”

    I think you need to explain yourself and site a few examples regarding “dismantled”?

    As far as wildlife protection laws are concerned they are not being dismantled, our government(s) are just not enforcing their own laws, plain and simple. As an example, Wolfe Island, 13 Raptors hundreds of other birds where killed as per the report, under the FWCA it is criminal to kill these birds, it is against the law to kill migratory birds under the MBCA as well.

    Enforcement of the MBCA in Ontario is handled jointly by the CWS, MNR and RCMP. The maximum penalties are:

    (1) for a corporation a $250,000 fine and (2) for an individual a $100,000 fine or imprisonment for five years or both.

    The Criminal Code (FEDERAL), plain and simple says;

    “It is a criminal offence to wilfully and without lawful excuse kill, maim, wound, poison or injure a bird, or for anyone to cause or permit unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to a bird. Both wild and domestic birds are protected. Enforcement of criminal offences related to birds is the
    responsibility of the police and humane societies. The penalty is a fine of not more than $2000 or to imprisonment for six months or both”.

    The question, why aren’t these laws being enforced, there are no excuses when comes to braking the law, government or otherwise but they first have to be charged in order to apply the law.

    If Ontarian’s spent less time worrying about themselves with regards to wind turbines and spent more time and money making sure that our wildlife laws where being adhered too, the wind turbine issue would have been resolved years ago.

    The “KEY” to this mess, is our wildlife protection laws, man whether they are for or against Wind Turbines perceives themselves as being superior to all other species which is depicted by their behaviour. One only has to ask, why was it important to put wildlife protection laws in place, in the first place.

    All Wind Farm Companies know that wind turbines kill wildlife, if the owners of the Wolfe Island project were to be charged for what they have killed they would go out of business. Presently if McGuinty enforced our wildlife laws it would eliminate all his problems with regards to WT’s, in fact there isn’t anything that these WT companies could use against him because the WT companies new from the get go, that their turbines would kill wildlife.

    If we are going to win this fight man has to start thinking outside the box, if you agree with this post then your thinking outside the box, if you disagree then your part of the overall problem because you are only thinking about yourself, just think about it.

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