Electricity rates to skyrocket in Ontario

...and the wind developers are laughing all the way to the bank!

Domestic electricity costs in Ontario will rise by an average of eight per cent.

The Ontario Energy Board approved the increase on Thursday for homes that don’t have the so-called “smart meters.”

Homes that do have the meters — which record time-of-day usage — will be hit with more modest increases of 5.8 per cent.  The distribution rate increase takes effect on May 1.

More increases are on the way as well when the province’s harmonized sales tax takes effect on July 1.

The company says it needs the extra money to maintain and repair existing equipment as well as expand the system.

Hydro One’s distribution system covers about three-quarters of the province.

At Queen’s Park on Thursday, the Progressive Conservatives said consumers are looking at a $300-a-year hike to their hydro bills because of all the fees and taxes included in the government’s energy plans.

Tory energy critic John Yakabuski said fees such as $4 per year conservation cost, the average monthly electricity bill increase and the 13 per cent HST will add hundreds of dollars to people’s bills.

The figure could even double to more than $600 when all of the government’s green energy subsidies are finally rolled out, he said.

Energy Minister Brad Duguid says the price of electricity is going up everywhere and argues that some increases are warranted as the province moves toward greener, cleaner power.

6 thoughts on “Electricity rates to skyrocket in Ontario

  1. Duguid has no problem spouting absolute BS on the reasons for Hydro increases……….this Government is gouging and screwing the consumer all in the name of a failed and corrupt Green Energy Agenda while “mouthing platitudes” and senseless rhetoric that even a grade schooler can see through as complete “tripe”!

    This Government is arrogant and insulting and should be told publicly to STOP LYING!

    Unfortunately the Conservative Opposition doesn’t get aggressive enough in their outrage as they too are culpable in this Green Nightmare!



    Spanish Solar-Panel Trade Group Calls for Fraud Investigation

    Preliminary evidence shows some solar stations may have run diesel-burning generators and sold the output as solar power, which earns several times more than electricity from fossil fuels, El Mundo said, citing unidentified people from the energy industry. The power grid received 4,500 megawatt-hours of power from midnight to 7 a.m. in the months audited, El Mundo said.
    (end snip)

    IMO, this whole green energy con is a massive Enron in the making.

  3. Enron wrote the “playbook” on Wind which McGuinty is following to a “T”. Enron started this scam and got caught but passed the playbook onto GE who then farmed it out to the various players who are now raping the world with this scam!

  4. Quite true Quixote, the Green Nightmare
    has been in the planning stages for
    decades, the Liberals just happened to
    be in power at the time it was brought
    to fruition. Now being at the point of no
    return these politicians have to try and
    defend the indefensible. As a result
    everything that comes from Deguid’s
    mouth is nothing but BS. Hard to suck
    and blow at the same time.

  5. Industrial wind turbine developments have access to free power from the grid which is not measured by a meter. Is there anything stopping an industrial wind turbine complex from taking the electricity off the grid, circulate it and then put it back on the grid for 13.5 cents/kw? If done right and within reasonable levels no one would suspect the scam.

  6. McGuinty/or any politician/will never do what is right.
    Wake Up. It simply doesn’t matter who is the gov in Ontario. They don’t care while they are in office, none of them do. So then what do we do?

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