Davis family now suing neighbours for loss of property value

By Matt Roper  Mirror.co.uk

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A couple who quit their farmhouse thanks to the “deafening roar” of wind turbines are claiming £380,000 damages.

Jane and Julian Davis, 45, said they have “lost everything” since eight turbines were built 930 yards away four years ago.

They now pay £1,000 a month to rent a home, claiming the swooshing can hit 66 decibels – the limit is 35db – and J makes it impossible to sleep. Jane, 54, said: “This is a last resort after years of being ignored. All we are asking is, please stop the noise.”

She said their house near Deeping St Nicholas, Lincs, has lost £150,000 in value. In a landmark case, they are suing neighbours and two firms and calling for the wind farm to go.

The High Court action could pave the way for other claims with one in five of 255 farms receiving noise complaints.

2 thoughts on “Davis family now suing neighbours for loss of property value

  1. Many people are new to this site and the whole rotten mess and didn’t know about these people. I think this story should be out there so someone here in Ontario has the gonads to sue…Once we get the sound equipment from Rosemary and Pete we can keep track of all the noise infractions and lies from the turbine companies about noise. Then once we have proof we can ask for damages and all legals from the Ministry, the Consultants, the wind company and the offending property owner. If we just had a class action suit now we could tie them up in court for years and in so doing make the next developer hesitate before subjecting themselves to liability.

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