Artificially expensive power on the way

J. Gerretsen

Kingston Whig Standard

On April 14, Paul Schliesmann finally explained for me why Ontario is forcing electricity on us that is too expensive to use for anything.

A quote attributed to Mark Mattson, president of Lake Ontario Watch Keep: “(Ministries) are not seen as regulators anymore. They’re seen as facilitators. They’re not doing any of the science any more.”

So that is how they justify it. Since they are getting their science from salesmen they don’t even know that no “green” technology yet exists that actually cuts carbon emissions. Oh, sure, the sun and the wind emit no greenhouse gasses, but the wind plants, solar panels (and don’t forget biofuel) were not built using “green” energy. Nor are the pickup trucks that the operating crews drive.

Perhaps solar collectors can, but in real conditions they don’t ever recover the energy it took to build them. Wind projects placed in ideal conditions can, it seems (good information is very hard to get), repay their carbon debt in as little as seven years. Ideal conditions do not include running at under 20% capacity.

A biofuel hobbyist myself, I can assure you that if biofuel operations were required to run on biofuel there would be no product to sell. No one uses the power generated, they sell it to the government, offsetting their energy cost with subsidy (in finance this is called leverage). With wind farms it appears that no one actually builds them. A commissioned salesman sets it up, sells it to the government, arranges finance, hires contractors, then finds a buyer who will presumably run it into the ground “efficiently.” Ontario’s prosperity was built on artificially cheap electricity. Our recovery is not going to be built on artificially expensive power, no matter how “green” it seems.

George Gavlas, Stella

3 thoughts on “Artificially expensive power on the way

  1. (Ontario Liberal) Government Mismanagement is redundant, redundant, redundant, redundant……..

    Green Energy Act is FAKE Green Energy….

  2. Ideal wind conditions produces power but once produce the energy must go into a grid that needs high quality reliable energy to function efficiently. Wind is a low quality unreliable energy that increases the inefficient function of the grid. This results in higher energy production from other sources just to service the wind. The unreliable surges and drops in wind energy make it unlikely that much of any wind energy makes it to consumers. When a light goes on in Ontario it most likely will not be powered from wind.

  3. Wind and Solar installations are being built for two reasons only and both have nothing to do with Green Cheap Energy.

    The first reason is for “shady quick buck artists” to make a huge pile of money off the Ontario Taxpayer!

    The second reason is to make whatever lands they are built on or near are literally rendered “Uninhabitable” and people will unwillingly move off their land and give it up to the very “shady quick buck artists” that built these monstrosities in the first place!

    What does the Government achieve?

    McGuinty and Gang have created a fake Industry that will guarantee a lifetime of retirement money for them and their “friends” all in the name of “Saving the Planet”.

    This plan could not have been created by these “buffoons” as they are basically incapable of even basic Accounting 101 but a company named Enron wrote the playbook on this and handed it down to every malicious greed merchant that could use it for their own gain!

    We know what happened to Enron…………nothing short of their demise is good enough for McGuinty and his merry band of “deceivers”!

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