Green Energy Act trashes Civil Rights

Lindsay Post

We are all aware by now that Premier Dalton McGuinty has allowed wind turbine corporations to run around the province seeking as many lease hold sites as possible.

With his enactment of the Green Energy Act, he has, in one fell swoop, taken away civil rights that you and I had protecting us from the serious side affects of sleep deprivation that have also been shown by scientists to affect children’s learning capabilities.

It would seem to many of us that the premier seems to be operating the same way as he does with MPAC, the provincial property assessment agency which puts his government at arms length away from citizens and in effect keeps him safe from public scrutiny.

Imagine you are one of thousands of people who chose to build, live, and raise your family in rural Ontario, whether it be the Bruce Peninsula, the Niagara escarpment, or in my case, the Oak Ridges moraine. All of which are areas of outstanding beauty, with many features not seen in other parts of the province. It’s an environment full of rare birds and other wildlife -a perfect place to raise your kids and grow old, right? Wrong!

We all realize that when you get older, it’s safer and sometimes wiser, to be closer to your doctors, hospitals and shopping. All of us then, would be using the equity we have built up in our homes to help accommodate this last move, whether it is to an old age home, a small house, or an apartment -it’s our last bank book if you will.

Some earned, or were lucky enough to receive very adequate pensions, which will enable them to make the transition without a worry. For those that are not in this position, their house equity might enable them to also carry this off. At least that would have been the case, until the premier allowed the wind turbine corporations to more or less write the setback rules for the industry.

If one lives within a mile of these turbines, one can expect to have their property values reduced drastically. However, at 550 meters, it’s a guarantee that your property value is going to go down drastically, as has been the case in Shelburne and many other areas in Ontario.

Evidence from all parts of our planet, that have deployed Wind Turbines can no longer be ignored as the root cause of property value deceleration, and it’s all due to the deployment of Industrial Wind Turbines, when placed too close to homes etc.

Our premier can no longer deny that these claims of devaluation of our properties are false. What better way of non government expropriation than to pass an act that gags us all of our civil rights, and allows a corporation to deploy its turbines as close as 550 meters from your home.

Now your home is worth maybe half what is was, and you have to sell it because your health is deteriorating rapidly.

So, you run to your government and shout foul, and they will tell you that they cannot do anything about it because it’s within the law. It’s the Green Energy Act, and you “must deal” with the wind turbine corporation -it’s going to save the planet!


3 thoughts on “Green Energy Act trashes Civil Rights

  1. When the Government takes away your rights and impairs your health and property rights….it says to me this is a bad deal for people living in rural Ontario….It spells TYRRANY….

    When Government takes over the Wind Industry by bastardizing pricing and giving away TaxPayer monies as subsidizes…to create and support an Industry that is not viable…This spells FASCISM…

  2. See you at queens park on the 28th of April at 11:00 … Time SHOW them what you feel !!!

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