OPA maps out future offshore wind developments

Download “Analysis of Future Offshore Wind Developments in Ontario“, Prepared for the OPA, April, 2008

8 thoughts on “OPA maps out future offshore wind developments

  1. each on land turbine cost about 3 million. each offshore turbine cost about 6 million plus higher maintenance cost plus the chance of being toppled in the lakes and spilling all the oil in the gearing housing. what a waste of taxpayers money

  2. No wonder Crozier told Essex County not to waste money fighting southpoint

  3. Haha. Good point, Country Hick!

    Of course he doesn’t want the municipalities, etc. to fight his own government’s “master” scheme. Anyone who gives a lick of credibility to Crozier’s “assurances” needs to get their head examined.

  4. It’s an awful lot of money for machines that don’t deliver what you have paid for.

    The money would be better spent on conventional power sources as we would get what we paid for, provided by machines that work on command.

    Maybe it’s time to return the politicians to school for remedial elementary math skills upgrade. They can share the classroom with some of the Eco-Greenies that want “free power”. Perhaps we can even include some training on the concept of “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” and “Chickens always come home to roost”.

  5. Gee am I blind, I don’t see any offshore in Toronto. Is the liberal gov’t NIMBY’s ?

  6. Actually there is — the Scarborough Bluffs – if you consider that Toronto.

  7. I know they’re fighting over Scarborough, but I see no yellow box there

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