Arnow Meeting a Huge Success

Friends, neighbours and concerned members of the public held a very successful information meeting and protest at the Acciona Armow Wind Project Open House on April 20th.  We were joined by members of WCO from other areas and greatly appreciated their assistance and support.  The response from the community was quite enthusiastic to judge from the thumbs up and honking cars, to the number of signs sold.

We were quite pleasantly surprised by the number of people who attended and voiced their agreement with the protest.  Many individuals, who have remained silent on the issue, stepped forward this evening and voiced their reservations regarding wind energy and revealed that they had not signed leases.  A great deal of information was requested and passed out and several times the discussions veered to the fact that communities and their citizens are now the last, and most powerful line of defense against the incursion of wind energy projects into our regions.  Neighbours need to talk to neighbours, and pass on information and their concerns.  Make it difficult for the wind salesmen to break through your community chain.