McGuinty Liberals Still in Denial

In response to MPP Rick Johnson’s quote indicating 50 per cent of people in Pontypool and Bethany want to have industrial wind turbines in our communities. Prove it.

I have personally been door to door in rural Pontypool and your number is not even close to our survey. With the recent OPA announcement indicating Pontypool and Bethany have been slated for 10,000 MW of wind turbines, I estimate we are getting 15 to start.

Thus, approximately 10 farmers have signed to have them for this phase. If the majority of the community does not want them here we should be able to say, No thank you!

You mentioned you do not know where they are going? Why is it such a secret? We are looking out for the best interest of our community.

Bottom line, we do not want the turbines surrounding our schools and homes. If they are placed away from communities, that would be much safer.

I am sure when the industrial turbines start creeping their way up to Lindsay and Bobcaygeon they will not want them either. We are the gateway to the City of Kawartha Lakes.

With the recent addition of our new grandson, our Sutch family is now in its 5th generation living in this community and we can’t imagine him growing up in our rural community surrounded by massive industrial turbines.

You will find that families will be leaving the area. Sadly, I have already spoken to very dear members of our community who are preparing to move. Is this fair?

Cindy Sutch, Manvers

10 thoughts on “McGuinty Liberals Still in Denial

  1. I am beginning to think that is the plan, get them to move so we can take over rural Ontario and it’s wealth of resources.

    Something definitely smells in Denmark! And not just the stink of their bad economy..




    Resign Now McGuinty, you woke a sleeping giant, your arrogance and bullying won’t be tolerated in Ontario.

    Our health matters, our homes matter, our wildlife matters… You and your minions DON’T Matter!

  2. I agree Melodie.

    Carrol Quigley, historian for the Council on Foreign Relations and long time mentor of Bill Clinton, wrote extensively about this in his book Tragedy and Hope.

    He wrote that a new feudal type system is being created and that large multi-national corporations will eventually own everything and become our new overlords.

    The UN’s Agenda 21 of course also calls for no individual private property rights, public transportation only, and habitat areas (i.e. all of us piled on top of each other in the cities or on postage stamp sized lots in the burbs).

    I recently noticed in Dunedin and Creemore all the houses are going up for sale. It seems about 1/4 of the homes in the area are on the market and not a single turbine has gone up yet.

    It certainly is interesting to see how the turbines fit nicely into this plan.

    It’s sad what they’re doing to us. It’s really disgusting.

  3. So Mr. Thumbs down. Does that mean you refute my comment? If so, please do. Don’t be shy.

    Or do you simply reject my comment because I’m not authorized to talk about this stuff?

  4. Agenda 21 will not succeed! As long as everyone is informed of what the real purpose behind Wind, Green, Solar, FIT, and any other word that describes this agenda learns the truth, then the populace will turn against these “destructive politicians”!

    The pain will be felt for a period of time and there will be long lasting problems with the “clean up” of wild lands and rural properties but WE WILL SUCCEED!

    “Can’t fool all the people all the time!”………..

  5. Our farm on Fairgrounds Road is listed for sale for a month now and about 5 people showed interest BUT with the onslaught of 8 turbines next door only one made an offer of, get this, 1/2 price! And we listed the farm “priced to sell” so if we end up in court no one can say we listed too high!

    Gosh I wish this was 1812, we would be loading muskets by now! Where is Tecumseh and John Wayne when I really need them???

  6. This lady did not say how many turbines, what size of turbines and how close they are to her house. However she did say they do not live on the property so that my friend says it all!!!

  7. Bottom line is her families choice to live in the midst of industrial equipment has an impact well beyond the boundaries of her property, and as such her selflessness is oblivious to the intrusion she is making on others. Further more it is often noted that the sounds are not so evident adjacent to the machines as sound waves from the monsters land many metres away and begin to negatively effect those at that radius mark and beyond. There are many mitigating factors such as the local geography and vegetation which also affect the transition of noise.

    And finally, her family has made a choice that was not afforded to, or inclusive her neighbours. Shame on her and all her kind.

  8. Well said Jack! And wait til they are staying there full time and the turbines are up awhile, through those howling days and nights of winter.

  9. What has free wind to do with this situation since the energy produced sure isn’t free. The idea that once the turbine is built it will forever produce is not true to logic, but people still quote it as somehow their thought process was turned off. The energy is far from free, contributes little to energy gains (no amount of turbines will power one town without a reliable energy source working nearly as hard as if no turbines existed) and the turbines I have seen do not have a live forever time stamp. The land of Oz is not real and it is time for the few anti-democratic people that seem to think everything is great to put some time into researching what they have on their property. Keeping your head in the sand will only work for so long.

  10. Obviously these people are not living there full time with full on Hydro Bills let alone a constant and never ending supply of infrasound and vibrations……….maybe they are so tone deaf from the city noise they think this is peace and quiet………also maybe AIM is forking over a nice slice of our tax dollars to have them do some positive advertising?………………more than meets the eye here!

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