Neighbours of the Acconia Armow Wind Project Speak Out

The people gathered here today are neighbours, landowners and citizens who wish to express their concern regarding the proliferation of wind projects in this area.
We question:

  • the economic and technological viability of industrial wind and solar energy and if it is the best use of our energy dollar for the Ontario grid.  As the Liberal government has not provided a cost/benefit analysis of these forms of energy to the Ontario taxpayers, and the Minister of Energy just recently admitted that he did not know how much this renewable energy policy would cause electricity rates to rise, we call on the government to place a moratorium on new projects until the financial consequences are known.
  • the wisdom of giving renewable energy priority access to the grid, thus bypassing cheaper forms of energy and unnecessarily inflating the price.
  • the rush to install so many industrial wind projects when demand for electricity in Ontario is down.
  • the claims of the wind industry and the government of Ontario that these renewable energy projects will reduce greenhouses gas emissions, when they necessarily must be backed up by natural gas generating stations.  As we will be replacing a few coal plants with a dozen or more natural gas plants, there will be no significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.  As the particulate from natural gas is finer and able to enter peoples’ lungs, we question if we would not have be better off just putting scrubbers on the coal plants.
  • why the costs of upgrading the transmission grid to accommodate renewables and the cost of the backup natural gas generation are not made public as part of the ‘cost of going green’.
  • why industry-sponsored health studies are considered adequate when identical health issues arise worldwide among people living close to turbines.
  • why the provincial government refuses to listen to 50 municipal governments when they respectfully request proper health studies be done before more wind projects are approved and constructed.
  • why the government refuses to recognize that these projects can cause devaluation in the value of neighbouring properties and why the destruction of our beautiful rural landscapes is of little consequence.
  • whether the government has considered the impact of multiple wind projects in one area and how saturating a region with industrial wind projects will affect tourism and the long-term livability of the area.
  • whether the government has examined the impact high electricity rates will have upon small and large businesses alike, and whether our manufacturing sector will be forced to relocate to other provinces or countries.
  • the wisdom of the government choosing winners and losers in the energy markets by offering excessive subsidies.

3 thoughts on “Neighbours of the Acconia Armow Wind Project Speak Out

  1. Finally a concise and consistent format of reasonable questions that can be the cornerstone of our unified complaints.. These questions can be put forth to the Legislative Assembly and these questions must be addressed… in fact we demand that these questions be answered..NOW, before one more Industrial Turbine is installed in Ontario!

    When McGuinty and Smitherman introduced the Green Energy Act, these questions should have been answered then.

    Our Town Councillors across Ontario where “sucker punched” by the Green Energy Act, as Ontarians had never been faced with such blatant fascism before in the History of Canada! We were naive, we trusted the government to have thoroughly researched the Green Energy band wagon but instead they embraced a failure from Europe and opened the doors to exploitation of our rural lands and waters to the unscrupulous developers that lost favor in Europe.

    McGuinty started the ball rolling without having any answers to these questions and just rammed this travesty down our throats to his own detriment and downfall. He will be remembered as the biggest fool in Canadian History as he pushes ahead to destroy Ontario. The people of Ontario will make a stand and fight on principle, we will not let this “Mad Man” ruin beautiful Ontario. We will not let him destroy our economy or our health or our rural way of life!

    Step Down NOW McGuinty, RESIGN or get thrown out! You woke a sleeping Giant , now deal with it!


  2. I have to agree. Those are excellent questions.

    If our energy minister and his advisers are as bright as they would have us believe then these are easy questions to answer and should take only a few minutes of their valuable time to point us to their studies wherein they have answered these questions — and more!

    Surely they can do no less as “servants of the people”! Perhaps though they serve a greater master or a greater purpose and can enlighten the poor peons whom they would enthrall.

    We await the great enlightenment!

  3. The answers to the questions above do not support wasting money on industrial wind developments. The reasons to avoid proper studies are because the studies would provide additional proof money has been wasted on industrial wind developments. Those answers are known to the government so they avoid doing the studies. If the government answers these questions truthfully it will raise the bigger question as to why the Liberals have given so much money to the wind industry. For now that answer seems to be very close to Dalton as no one will say much which indicates something is not right in Liberal town. Maybe it was getting too hot for e-health George.

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