Editorial: Where was the public consultation?

Orangeville Citizen

WITHOUT JUDGING the project, we are as bemused as Melancthon Council by the apparent approval of a 100 MW wind farm without any public consultation.

We might not be quite so taken aback were it not an obviously misleading response from Environment Minister John Gerretson to the council’s request to Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Jim Bradley.

The council had been asking for a moratorium on wind turbine approvals until it could be established scientifically and unequivocally whether industrial wind farms pose a widespread health hazard. The purpose was to clarify the position the township might be in with respect to property reassessments and a loss of tax revenue in the event property owners sought tax relief because of the proximity of turbines.

The Gerretson response doesn’t address that issue. Instead, it avers that there are public consultations along with relevant studies prior to an application being made for a renewable energy approval.

“Before submitting an application for MOE review, the application is also required to hold at least two community consultation meetings to discuss the project and its potential local impact. Any required studies must be made available for public review,” says Minister Gerretson.

A 401 Energy news release says the 100- MW project on 4,500 acres will be complete by Aug. 30, 2011.   And one wonders how the proposal got to 100 MW under the new Feed-in-Tariff program from below 10 MW under the previous Standard Offer Program.

3 thoughts on “Editorial: Where was the public consultation?

  1. There is NO Public Consultation no matter what Gerettson or the Wind Industry calls it.

    That is just the plain truth. Lies and falsehoods run rampant within this whole Green Energy Act and until the citizens of Ontario realize that there is no appeals process, no Public Consultations let alone no legitimate Environmental Assessments being done on these developments they will spend most of their energy and time “spinning their wheels in the BS”!

  2. Yeah Wolfe island started out as 12!!!!! And now look at us? Hard to miss:(

  3. At all of the open house meetings I have gone to, I have yet to have had my questions answered-
    We are repeatedly told “we will get back to you”

    They have young kids wearing name tags standing around the room and you have to ask each one a different question in a one on one!

    You would expect a panel of speakers to represent the company and address each question for the whole audience to hear-

    Also they hold these meetings in small facilities that can not hold the amount of serious ratepayers that are there to address the biggest change to their home and community ever in the history of the province!

    The wind Industry has yet to admit that their brochures out and out lie with regard to Name Plate Capacity- They boast that they can supply power to “this” many homes by name plate capacity and not one turbine EVER reaches name plate capacity! It is a complete insult to intelligent Canadians- It is very obvious that the only reason that a meeting is held is so that they can say they informed the public of such lies as “Industrial wind turbines are as quiet as a refrigerator” or “once you get used to them, you wont even know that they are there!”
    So far rules for acceptable noise allowance have been flagrantly abused! And the MOE has admitted that they do not have equipment to measure sound! People getting no help from anyone on the noise complaint eventually just move by selling out to wind industry or abandoning a home that has been in their family for generations!

    This has amounted to a complete “Corporate Takeover” of our rural lands with the blessings and encouragement of the Liberal Majority government and paid dearly for by our own taxes!

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