GEA allows International Power to force itself upon community

Chris Fell, Staff

“Have you had a group meeting with the people in the area whose lives are going to be disrupted by this so they know what’s happening? It would be a courtesy thing,” said McQueen.

In response, Wilgar said his company has met all statutory public meeting requirements for the project.       [windustry translation:  We don’t have to!]

GREY HIGHLANDS – Grey Highlands council was told Monday morning that a wind turbine project in the south end of Osprey Township is moving forward, despite the municipality’s plea for a moratorium on such proposals.

International Power representatives William Pol and Jim Wilgar were a delegation at the regular meeting of Grey Highlands council on Monday morning (April 26). They told council that the industrial wind turbine project called Plateau Wind Project in the southern end of Grey Highlands has received provincial approval and is moving ahead.

“We have received a contract offer from the province to proceed with the construction and to sell power to the province,” Pol informed council.

A large crowd of local residents jammed the council chambers to hear the delegation. AIM Power Generation originally proposed the project in question. International Power – a large multinational corporation, recently purchased AIM.

Members of Grey Highlands council were stone faced for the presentation. Grey Highlands council is on record requesting a moratorium on industrial wind power projects until more complete health impact studies are done.

However, Grey Highlands council has little say over the matter. The McGuinty government passed the Green Energy Act. That new law removed planning approval authority for “alternative energy” projects from local municipal government. The provincial government has sole authority to approve such projects.

Wilgar and Pol told council that International Power is now working on getting road use agreements in place for the industrial wind power project. A total of 11 turbines will be located in Grey Highlands as part of the project. Other turbines are being located in municipalities outside of Grey County.

International Power plans to begin construction on the project – which includes clearing land and building roads to the turbine sites – in August. The company expects turbines to be delivered in October.

Councillor Paul McQueen asked the delegation if International Power planned further public meetings to inform local residents of the project’s status.

“Have you had a group meeting with the people in the area whose lives are going to be disrupted by this so they know what’s happening? It would be a courtesy thing,” said McQueen.

In response, Wilgar said his company has met all statutory public meeting requirements for the project.

 Deputy Mayor Dave Fawcett said the proposal is moving ahead too fast.

 “I know the Green Energy Act allows you to move forward, but I truly believe you are premature. More information is needed. The province needs to take a look at this,” said Fawcett.

2 thoughts on “GEA allows International Power to force itself upon community

  1. Attempting to find any empathy or feelings of wrongdoing from any Wind Industry employee is like trying to find any human feelings in a Politician.

    Absolute belief in “Greed is Good” is the motive for these people’s existence. Does the company “Goldman Sachs” come to mind here.

    These individuals are the “Pariah’s of Society” and are being supported by the very Politicians we elect to protect us from the “flim flammers”!

    Run them out of town the old fashioned way. They are bullies and when confronted with angry citizens, run away and hide!

  2. The Norfolk Victims of Industrial Wind Turbines [NVoIWT’s] are very familiar with the tactics of AIM PowerGen/International Power Canada.

    Since going to their “information” mtg in Straffordville in the fall of 2004, when the AIM “maps” did not show a single IWT in Norfolk County, through June of 2005 when we were suddenly confronted with rezoning applications for the erection of 38 IWT’s in the south west corner of Norfolk County [which we attempted to stop (unsuccessfully) at both the Norfolk Council and the OMB level] to the final last straw of rezoning the
    Clear Creek/Cultus/Frogmore cluster of 18 Vestas 1.65 MW IWT’s all within a 3 km radius of our homes.

    Once the last of the 18 IWT’s were connected, many of the people in our cul de sac started to feel the ill effects of so many within such a small radius – 3 km.

    The sleep deprivation proved to be the most debilitating harmful effect; the other effects such as unaccustomed headaches, nausea, dizziness, and loss of balance varied from time to time depending on the 360 different directions that the wind blows, varying wind speeds, fluctuations in barometric pressure and humidity.

    Since 2009, NVoIWT’s have drafted petitions and letters presented to Norfolk Council, MoE, MoE&I, MHLTC, to Mr. McGuinty, Mr. Smitherman, Mr. Caplan, Mr. Gerretsen, Ms. Raitt, Mr. Prentice, Ms. Aglukkak, but no offer or help has been forthcoming.

    NVoIWT’s have called the Ontario MoE day and night to report when either audible or inaudible vibrations from the IWT’s were unbearable.

    NVoIWT’s have catalogued all the houses within the C.C./C/F 3 km radius to find that in those ~ 140 homes, > 70 people were affected by from one to five effects, 8 houses were ABANDONED, 8 houses are vacant, 11 are for sale [some for as long as 3 years], there have been two reported break-ins, one of the abandoned houses set on fire, there has been one unsuccessful suicide and one which was successful.

    It is highly unlikely in such a small area – 15 sq. km – anywhere that has had so much disaster visited upon it within a year.

    This cautionary tale is written to ask for a halt to the demonic spread of IWT’s until rigorous, scientific, epidemiological studies are done to understand the effects that these IWT’s are having on the people forced to live surrounded by them.

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