PCs call for moratorium and restoration of local governments

On Wednesday, April 28th, 2010, Ontario PC Energy Critic John Yakabuski – on behalf of the entire Ontario PC Caucus – will table a motion in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario that calls for a moratorium on all new wind projects until a comprehensive, independent, and peer-reviewed scientific study can confirm that industrial wind energy sites do not pose a risk to community health and environment concerns.  The motion also calls on Dalton McGuinty to restore local planning decisions to local governments.

MPP MacLeod will be speaking to and voting in support of the motion.

Legislative proceedings can be viewed on Rogers Channel 68 or 129 (depending on your cable hook up) and are also webcast at www.ontla.on.ca.

1 thought on “PCs call for moratorium and restoration of local governments

  1. Bettya McGuinty isn’t even there to hear any of this “rabble rousing”……………He is “above the fray” and will leave his “bright as a 20 watt light bulb” Energy Minister DooGood try and babble out stupidity in debate!

    Be prepared for what will feel like a Clown Show crossed with American Idol/ Jersey Shores episode.

    First thing to do to prepare for this event inside the Pink building is to whack yourself between the eyes with a ball peen hammer several times until all you can do is spout one word sentences and then allow drool to form on the corner of your mouth, undue your shoe laces so that you basically drag your feet and pretend your in Kindergarten….there, now your ready to listen to the “bright apples” that are stealing all your money out of your pockets and taking away your homes and land without even blinking!

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