McGuinty Liberal MPPs Vote to Override Local Families Concerned About Industrial Wind Farms

The Ontario PC Caucus today brought forward a motion that would protect families worried about Dalton McGuinty’s plan to build industrial wind farms in their community without any local input, consultation or control. Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC Caucus have also raised these concerns in Question Period this week.

Through his sweeping so-called ‘Green Energy Act,’ Dalton McGuinty is overriding local concerns by placing wind farms in communities without their consent. Families in communities across Ontario are concerned about the health and environmental impacts.

When the Ontario PC Caucus introduced a motion that would once again give local municipalities the final say over whether or not they want to host giant industrial wind farms, the McGuinty Liberal MPPs in attendance unanimously voted the motion down, with many MPPs dodging the vote altogether.

“While Dalton McGuinty thinks he knows what’s best for communities we believe local families deserve the final say.”  — Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak

“Dalton McGuinty thinks he knows better than democratically elected local governments about what they should build in their own communities. Dalton McGuinty must stop trampling on the rights of municipalities and give them the final say over whether or not they host his industrial wind farms.” — John Yakabuski, Ontario PC MPP for Renfrew – Nipissing – Pembroke and critic for Energy.

Quick Facts:

– Schedule A of the Green Energy Act empowers the McGuinty Government to overrule municipal by-laws and local concerns when locating industrial wind farms.

– Municipalities across Ontario have passed resolutions expressing significant concerns regarding the economic and environmental impact of industrial wind turbine technology being forced on them through the ‘Green Energy Act’.

– A crowd of 500 concerned Ontario citizens participated in a Queen’s Park rally against Dalton McGuinty’s industrial wind farms.

On Wednesday April 28, 2010 the following motion was put forward in the Ontario Legislature by John Yakabuski, Ontario PC MPP, Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke, and Energy Critic:

That the Legislative Assembly of Ontario calls for a moratorium on all wind farm projects until an independent, comprehensive study of the health and environmental impacts of wind farms is completed and Premier McGuinty restores the planning authority governing them to municipalities and local boards. Addressed to the Premier.

The following Liberal MPPs either voted against giving local communities a say on Dalton McGuinty’s industrial wind farms or skipped the vote entirely:

Voted Against the Motion                       Skipped the Vote

Albanese, Laura                                                 Aggelonitis, Hon Sophia

Arthurs, Wayne                                                  Balkissoon, Bas

Berardinetti, Lorenzo                                      Bartolucci, Hon Rick

Bradley, Hon James J.                                    Bentley, Hon Christopher

Brown, Michael A.                                           Best, Hon Margarett R.

Brownell, Jim                                                    Broten, Hon Laurel C.

Chan, Hon Michael                                         Cansfield, Donna H.

Craitor, Kim                                                      Caplan, David

Dickson, Joe                                                      Carroll, M. Aileen

Duguid, Hon Brad                                           Chiarelli, Bob

Hoy, Pat                                                              Colle, Mike

Jaczek, Helena                                                 Crozier, Bruce

Jeffrey, Hon Linda                                         Delaney, Bob

Johnson, Rick                                                  Dhillon, Vic

Lalonde, Jean-Marc                                      Dombrowsky, Hon Leona

Leal, Jeff                                                            Duncan, Hon Dwight

Mangat, Amrit                                                 Flynn, Kevin Daniel

Matthews, Hon Deborah                             Fonseca, Hon Peter

McNeely, Phil                                                  Gerretsen, Hon John

Meilleur, Hon Madeleine                            Gravelle, Hon Michael

Mitchell, Hon Carol                                      Hoskins, Hon Eric

Moridi, Reza                                                    Kular, Kuldip

Murray, Glen R                                               Kwinter, Monte

Naqvi, Yasir                                                    Levac, Dave

Orazietti, David                                              Mauro, Bill

Pendergast, Leeanna                                    McGuinty, Hon Dalton

Phillips, Hon Gerry                                       McMeekin, Ted

Ramal, Khalil                                                   Milloy, Hon John

Ramsay, David                                               Peters, Hon Steve

Rinaldi, Lou                                                     Pupatello, Hon Sandra

Ruprecht, Tony                                             Qaadri, Shafiq

Sandals, Liz                                                     Sorbara, Greg

Sergio, Mario                                                  Sousa, Charles

Smith, Hon Monique M.                             Takhar, Hon Harinder S.

Van Bommel, Maria

Wilkinson, Hon John

Wynne, Hon Kathleen O.

Zimmer, David

10 thoughts on “McGuinty Liberal MPPs Vote to Override Local Families Concerned About Industrial Wind Farms

  1. Who are the Libral MPPs that voted against this or skipped the vote entirely?

  2. Liberal MPP’s in Ontario are just mindless voting machines for McGuinty….Who needs them…We could replace them with trained chimps….except the chimps would get bored…

  3. Now your insulting chimps……these disgusting money sucking fat cats couldn’t pick their nose without McGoony giving them permission….let alone know one damn thing about the Scam called Wind.

    One more thing here……………when will people state clearly and loudly that Wind Turbines are NOT welcome anywhere anytime as they don’t do what they are supposed to do and are destructive pieces of equipment that do nothing but put our tax dollars in “fly by night” investors??????????

    To keep starting off a statement that “We are not against Wind Turbines…….” basically defeats any further discussion doesn’t it?

  4. I find it interesting that Dalton et al did not vote – shows a lack of real conviction in their minds. Dalton is scared to vote – in case he loses votes – easier to turn a blind eye.

  5. Dalton is not blind. He has perfect vision and can see his Nobel Peace Prize at the end of the Wind Tunnel.

    I think he is gunning for the chairmanship of the IPCC. And why not? He is numerically and scientifically challenged. It should be a perfect fit.

  6. …and he can lie with a straight face…so he’s got that going for him.

  7. … and now now he is shipping (peddling) another valuable Ontario resource (diamonds) out of the country. So much for job creation!!!

  8. WillR, yes, he sure seems to be kissing up to something very dear and important to him…all at the expense of the citizens of Ontario. If I had to guess, I bet he wants a seat on the Samsung board and a post somewhere within the corrupt UN. And witnessing how and who they give out Nobel prizes to these days, he’s probably hoping that’d be a nice little notch on the belt too.

    It’s disgusting what we’re witnessing here! Truly disgusting.

  9. I have talked with a few retired Police Officers over the last while and they are as outraged by this Governments actions as anyone………the sad thing is that their “powers” to stop these thieves have been as diluted as our very own Planning Authority has been…….McGuinty’s Theory is: ” if what I want to do is illegal then I will just re-write that law so that what I do cannot be prosecuted!”……………so far it’s working like a charm……..note to McGuinty: “don’t venture out of your Pink Building” for a meet and great with Ontario folks as you are not WELCOME here in the Homeland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. My wife loves her cats — even if they are a little chubby and do nothing but lay in a warm sunny spot and eat us out of house and home…

    No more Cat Insults! Please!

    Just call a spade a spade.

    They can’t do the math, they don’t understand finance, and they are willing to risk your health for bankrupt Green Ideals.

    But I have a tough question for all of you. Who would do better?

    It’s time to start asking all candidates for the next election to clearly state their positions on these issues.

    Now I’m curious about something. What is the building permit cost of these fantastic structures? $2000, $20,0000, $200,0000 ….????

    What should it be?

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