McGuinty rejects call to delay wind power projects while health impacts studied

Protesters hold a demonstration against wind turbines at Queen's Park on Wednesday April 28, 2010. (CP24/Aaron Adetuyi)The Canadian Press

TORONTO — Premier Dalton McGuinty is dismissing requests from protesters to delay the introduction of more industrial wind turbines to generate electricity.

People from dozens of small communities have asked the province to impose a moratorium on new wind turbines until possible impacts on human health have been studied.

But McGuinty says wind turbines have been used for decades to generate electricity without any serious health implications, so he won’t agree to a moratorium.

He says it doesn’t make sense under the circumstances.

McGuinty says Ontario has “the most rigorous standards in North America and some of the toughest in the world” for wind turbines.

The Progressive Conservatives say the premier doesn’t always know best and should listen to people who don’t want the giant turbines in their communities.

6 thoughts on “McGuinty rejects call to delay wind power projects while health impacts studied

  1. the next election mcguinty will be gone, but left behind will be the billion dollar e health file fiasco, the horrible sales tax, thousands of overpriced wind turbines built in another country, costing us billions, solar panels that work only in sunlight and more than likely the highest electric cost in north america.
    also watch industries move out of ontario because of high energy cost and move to hydro quebec.

  2. Premiers and MPPs that reject the will of the people soon become ex-premiers and ex MPPs

  3. I can see it now…

    McGuinty….the Former FAKE Green Premier….

    Duguid…the Former FAKE Green Minister of (Overpriced) Energy….

    It will take decades to recover from the disastrous Tyrannical Regime of the Ontario Liberals…

  4. How did this guy ever get to be a leader of a Province like Ontario and get away with actions that could be considered bordering on the “criminal”?

    To destroy the infrastructure of the “engine that runs Canada” without any outcries from Industry, Banks, Media, or other layers of Government makes one wonder how much “payola” has gone out of our tax dollars to shut them up!

    Similar to the “Gag Orders” Wind Company’s place on the landowners who have leased their lands for Wind Industrialization paid for by what is quickly becoming known as “Blood Money”!

  5. i see the wind power trolls are really doing a bang up job on the thumbs down. why dont they go and see if the turbines in their area are turninglike they are supposed to be.

  6. Well today the turbines are running at 17% of the nameplate capacity — assuming our capacity is still 1100MW… so assuming a 6 cylinder engine analogy they are running on one cylinder out of 6 — kinda like our provincial government.

    But then… who’s paying attention? Certainly Dalton McGuinty is attention deficit challenged, or so it would appear.

    As for the trolls — most of them seem inarticulate and maybe it is better that way. Liberal supporters and all that…

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