“This isn’t the same Dalton McGuinty who people thought they voted for”

by James Murray    Newsnetledger.com

This is the Dalton McGuinty whose Green Energy Act overrides municipalities and cuts out local families so he can drive his agenda of building industrial wind farms in everyone’s backyard but his own.

THUNDER BAY – The lead question on Wednesday in the Ontario Legislature was on the subject of wind turbines, with the Ontario Progressive Conservatives seeking information from Premier Dalton McGuinty on his government’s direction on the issue.

The Premier has determined that there is no basis for any of the concerns raised by Ontario residents and other experts from wind turbines.

“This isn’t the same Dalton McGuinty who people thought they voted for. It’s not even the same Dalton McGuinty of last month, who called municipalities “a mature, responsible level of government.” This is the Dalton McGuinty whose Green Energy Act overrides municipalities and cuts out local families so he can drive his agenda of building industrial wind farms in everyone’s backyard but his own,” stated John Yakabuski.

Earlier in April, the McGuinty Government offered out $8 Billion in renewable energy credits. The number of companies lining up to grab a share of the money. The Premier is claiming that 36,000 jobs will be created from his wind energy plans.

Here is the exchange from Queen’s Park:

Mr. John Yakabuski: My question is for the Premier. Just like his plan to teach sex education to six-year-olds, Dalton McGuinty thinks he knows better than families when it comes to industrial wind farms. Hopefully, just like his sex education plan, Dalton McGuinty will distance himself from what his minister said during question period, admit he wasn’t listening to families and offer to do a “serious rethink” of industrial wind farms. The opposition day motion I proposed is his chance to do just that. Can we count on your support for municipalities that want you to give back planning authority over industrial wind projects that you stripped away in your so-called Green Energy Act?

Hon. Dalton McGuinty: I’m pleased to take the question and have an opportunity to speak to this. We welcome the continuing debate. I do not support the position taken by my honourable colleague opposite, nor the position embraced by the official opposition.

We think it’s really important that we pursue clean energy opportunities in Ontario. We’re a little late, frankly, when it comes to this. They started harnessing the power of the wind in order to generate electricity, they tell me, in the 1880s. But I’m glad that we’ve gone from, I think, some 10 wind turbines to 700.
I look forward, in the supplementaries, to outlining in a bit more detail why I think it’s important for all of us that we find a way to move forward on this.

The Speaker (Hon. Steve Peters): Supplementary?

Mr. John Yakabuski: To the families who are at Queen’s Park today, it sounds like the Premier thinks the reason he gave for a flip-flop that humiliated Ministers Pupatello and Dombrowsky on the need to consult families applies only to teaching sex courses to six-year-olds and not to industrial wind farms being built right outside their back door.

If he had seriously changed his ways, Dalton McGuinty would listen to families from Prince Edward-Hastings, Lambton-Kent-Middlesex, Nipissing, Essex, Scarborough Bluffs and Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock. They want input into where you put your industrial wind farms. They want an independent study that shows your industrial projects are safe for them and safe for the environment. Can you do better than offering the word of Samsung or Minister Gerretsen?

Hon. Dalton McGuinty: I want to welcome the families that are here today and I want them to know we are listening very carefully to the concerns that they are expressing.

But I want to say that we’ve taken a long time to consider the policy that we have put in place. The choices aren’t all easy when it comes to electricity. We’ve decided that it’s important to eliminate coal-fired generation. That’s something that compromises the health of our children and contributes to global warming, so we want to shut that down. Gas-fired generation is not easy either. It does contribute to global warming. But when it comes to wind turbines, we now have in place the most aggressive policies in all of North America when it comes to location, noise emission levels and all those kinds of things-in fact, they’re some of the strongest in the world. More than that, we’re now funding a research chair devoted to putting in place a longitudinal study so we can ensure that we are in fact not compromising the health of Ontarians. I think we’re doing exactly what we need to do at this point in our history.

The Speaker (Hon. Steve Peters): Final supplementary.

Mr. John Yakabuski: This isn’t the same Dalton McGuinty who people thought they voted for. It’s not even the same Dalton McGuinty of last month, who called municipalities “a mature, responsible level of government.” This is the Dalton McGuinty whose Green Energy Act overrides municipalities and cuts out local families so he can drive his agenda of building industrial wind farms in everyone’s backyard but his own. Ontario PCs stand with families on deciding where to locate industrial wind projects in their communities, not so-called experts and elites.

Will you show that your humiliation of Minister Pupatello was not in vain and that you’ve truly taken to heart the need to consult families and support my opposition day motion today?

Hon. Dalton McGuinty: Again, I certainly support my colleague’s right to move ahead with his opposition day motion. It’s not something that I can support, of course.

Let me tell you about one of the other benefits, apart from us harnessing the clean power of the wind for Ontario families in a way that does not compromise their health. In addition to that, so far, the investments that we have landed-and they total over $16 billion-will translate into 36,000 clean energy jobs in the province of Ontario.

Some of the strongest support we have for our wind turbine program comes from the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, which is a really important constituent group in rural Ontario. We’ve given this a great deal of thought. We’ve listened to a lot of people who think it is important, as part of a progressive energy plan, to ensure that we’re harnessing the clean power of the wind.

9 thoughts on ““This isn’t the same Dalton McGuinty who people thought they voted for”

  1. It is truly sad to see how McGuinty and his Liberals have twisted the motives of these people to rationalize their complete absence of compassion.

    This is where humans go wrong…when they put idealogy ahead of their fellow man.

  2. I’m incredulous!
    Even with the mountain of empirical international data showing conclusively that commercial wind and solar power not only DO NOT but CAN NOT replace a single “dirty” generation asset, or have ANY net benefit on either environment or economy, the wind industry and grossly incompetent (read “bought”) politicians continue to spew their garbage. I am astonished that humans can demonstrate such blatant ignorance. Just ask the governments of Denmark, Germany, Spain, Ireland and California how environmentally and economically successful their past romance of green energy has been? With several of them now on the verge of bankruptcy, care to guess the answer? The McGuinty Liberals took direct ministerial control over supposedly “arms length” oversight institutions like The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) after these institutions vehemently advised AGAINST green energy. As a result, we went from having a democratic government in Ontario to having a defacto fascist one! Our only hope to save both the environment and economy of this once great province is to ensure Dalton’s government is soundly defeated in the next election and the disastrous GEA is repealed! It has been said that the liberals could get elected even if led by a fence post. One needs look no further then Ontario for proof of that statement!
    Here are some facts that are being ignored by the Ontario Liberal Government:
    1) As of July 1st this year, ALL energy in Ontario will increase by 8% as a result of the HST which was brought in to help pay a 25 billion budget deficit!
    2) Ontario has been gradually replacing coal capacity with natural gas such that coal now accounts for only 7% of power generation and natural gas now accounts for 27%. This trend will have to continue to provide “mirrored capacity” to backup new wind /solar capacity for times when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining which is a majority of the time. Using international experience to date, the net result of this fact is that; first, natural gas prices increase dramatically and second, so do CO2 levels. Ironically, we will likely actually replace our coal assets under the auspices of the GEA. However, it will not be “green energy” that accomplishes this; it will be the natural gas assets that have to be built as “mirror” capacity!
    3) The 7 billion dollar deal with Samsung is supposed to establish for all time a “world leading” wind turbine industry in Ontario that will be “the envy of the world”. Apparently, a company that has never actually built a wind turbine EVER will be able to out-compete a multitude of companies like Vestas, Siemens and General Electric! Furthermore (and this is of paramount importance) every current commercial wind turbine maker in the world stands to lose considerable market share to upstart manufacturers in China. Right now, these companies are currently doing business in China. However, China has a history of buying technology just so she can copy it herself. Unless we taxpayers increase our subsidy of this industry in Ontario far, far above the current 350% wind power subsidy, the industry will disappear before it ever appears for these historically accurate reasons.
    4) EVERY JURISDICTION IN THE WORLD that has heavily subsidized green energy (Ontario’s is currently the absolute highest!) has watched economic diversification dwindle dramatically as businesses either leave due to high taxes and energy costs or flock to the heavily subsidized and therefore artificially profitable green energy economy. The net result is an economy that can only exist if the subsidies continue. This is exactly the situation Spain is now in. Just last year she cut her green energy subsidy by only 30% and lost 20,000 jobs over night. If she can’t find international buyers for her green industries, her economy will likely collapse completely. With 16 billion euro in unfunded green energy debt, Spain is as I type these words on the verge of bankruptcy! The exact same situation is plaguing Denmark. She went from having the least expensive to having the most expensive energy in the EU. With less then 6 million people, she has not the financial resources to continue her green energy subsidies. Unfortunately, she essentially has no other economy. She either continues down the unsustainable road she is now on or she to will go bankrupt.
    Instead of generating increased and sustainable economic activity to help the province out of its current, liberal created debt situation, the GEA will devastate the economy of this province! This we know because this has been exactly what has happened everywhere this has been tried!

    God save us! From the Ontario Liberals!


  3. I like Minority Governments more because our Governments are less corrupt and Tyrannical…The Ontario Liberal Government has demonstrated how Absolute Power Corrupts, Absolutely…..

    ‘Bad Government Legislation’ is REDUNDANT….

    Everything that he does now is based on ego and ideology..not what the people of Ontario really need or want…

    True Colours and Motives are very transparent now…

  4. Minority Governments are the way to go but I have to just say this once and for all.

    The Liberals are corrupt and tyrannical and have to go for sure. The Conservatives are pounding their chests right trying to “appear” to be our “saviours”!

    Now that’s O.K…….we can use all the support we can get and I hope something can come of it BUT here’s the problem.

    The Conservatives’ renewable policy is in plain view for anyone who wants to read it………they basically have stated publicly that their policy on Renewable Energy is the same as the Liberals……….in other words, the Conservatives are exactly the same as the Liberals no matter how they package their rhetoric.

    Now we have only one choice here………..the Provincial Government DOES NOT represent OUR interests as taxpayers anymore.

    That choice is to not allow any more control over our land, homes or health if it is destructive to any one or all of those. How we do that takes some guts and creative thinking………….see if anyone can figure out what to do………

    There is a simple answer………..I’ll leave it at that!

  5. Yes Quixote. Even if a Con (pun intended) was Ontario leader we’d still have the GEA and be in the same boat. Voting back and fourth between the two main parties is what’s got us to this point in history in the first place. So how is voting Con going to get us out of it?

    Both parties are bought and paid for by the same big interests.

  6. Well yeah. And like voting Green would help????? har, har har! Or maybe NDP? But they are all watermelon green on the outside and a delicious pink inside these days?

    So what to do?

    Maybe the municipal councils should start thinking in terms of $20,0000 or $200,000 building permits. Or higher maybe…

    Do they have the power to set the charges? AFter all they could face lawsuits for permitting wind-farm development.

    What’s the cost for road access … what other charges can be levied? …and if anyone thinks this is unfair, think about the source of the subsidies that drive the Wind-Industry! It’s your tax dollars. You would just be re-claiming the money.

    What about an contingency fee or deposit to be held against the cost of further lawsuits?

    How a about an environmental assessment fee against the day the windfarms have to be removed and recycled. This is a problem in the Western States and Hawaii now? Why wait? Collect now?

    Any thoughts on these ideas folks? Any similar ideas that could be made to stick? Medical assessment fees, health insurance deposits…

    Can someone take these ideas to their councilors and representative now? (I’m a long way from home for a while yet!)

  7. The only power we have to fight this tyrannical force once known to be a “Provincial Government” but now known to be the “Investors Voice” is at the Municipal level…………period……………..if Municipal Councils don’t take back our small but delicate Democratic process then all is lost!

    First there was the Green Energy Act, then the Cap and Trade Act, then the HST and now the Smart Hydro meters and Smart Water Meters…….how much more will Ontario Citizens give away before it’s too late….we are now in the eleventh hour of what we can now see is a massive TYRANNY taking over our beloved Homeland!

  8. OFA. An organization for the few, not representing all of its members. Revoke your memberships people.

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