MAD AS HELL! Protests Planned Around the World

Protest March, Mont Saint Michel, France, September 26, 2009Demonstration in Kopenhagen, Denmark, April, 22th 2010
Demonstration in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, April, 28th 2010
Demonstration in Tokyo, Japan, April, 30th 2010
Demonstration in Berlin, Germany, May, 15th 2010
Anti-windfarm Jamboree,  Saint-Philémon, Quebec, Canada, June 21st, 2010.Protestfestival, Knutstorp Castle, Sweden, August 29th 2010

10 thoughts on “MAD AS HELL! Protests Planned Around the World

  1. Just wait until Obama jams his Green Energy Bill down the throats of American Citizens!

    We here in Canada are fairly peaceful and try to stay on a steady and lawful course of action when addressing Government “bully tactics” and unfair policy changes which usually takes quite a while to produce results.

    Things move more quickly south of us.

  2. I look forward to supporting democracy in Ontario.

    I hope supporters of democracy pack Queen’s Park and are heard.

    Because our countryside is being pillaged and ravaged for the betterment of a few we’re standing up saying we’re not going to take it anymore.

    If we don’t stand up for our rights while we still have them, soon we won’t have any rights to stand up for.

    Message to Invenergy and others selling turbines:

    1. There are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics.
    2. You can fool some of the people all of the time, you can fool all the people some of the time. You can’t fool all the people all of the time as you will soon find out. So why don’t you pack your bags and pillage elsewhere. Ontario is not the Shanendoah Valley.

  3. Note to all landowners who are invited to a Wind Company’s “Public Information” meeting:

    “Run The Bum’s Outta Town!”

  4. Sorry, I’ve reposted the link to the bussing information at the bottom of this post.

  5. World solidarity against industrial wind developers. That cannot be hidden by the media for long. The financial costs on top of the other costs to humans, rural life, wildlife, landscapes and ecosystems that will disappear to make way for large industrial wind turbines and infrastructure is too great. It is not just human health but the world’s health we are further messing up.

  6. Somebody must be worried about the April 28th event to send so many little mental robots to thumbs-down all the comments.

  7. As people are gathering at Queens Park today protesting the negative impacts of industrial wind turbines, I refer you to the following …

    The phenomenon know as Clear Air Turbulence has been well known for decades as a problem for high altitude jet flight. Years ago, a system for detecting locations of “CAT” was devised incorporating the triangulation of infrasound given off by areas of this high-altitude turbulence.

    It is widely known that the doppler-radar of weather detection facilities receive confusing “storm images” from installations of active industrial wind turbines. Interestingly, a new “CAT” detection system is presently under development, utilizing computer-analysed doppler-radar. It turns out that what the weather detection facilities are reading, are localized “CAT” (Clear Air Turbulence) and “VT” (Vortex Turbulence) complexes of disrupted air pressure produced by the giant turbines. These localized “clear air turbulence storms” involve large air pressure variants which in turn produce high volumes of infrasound.

    Just as the “vortex turbulence” produced behind jet-liners in flight precludes other planes flying behind them and just as “clear air turbulence” is a serious danger to aircrafts, so do these same effects produced by industrial wind turbines preclude them from being built close to one-another.

    The impacts of the turbines’ Clear Air Turbulence, Vortex Turbulence and their generated infrasound .. on the operational and physical integrity of the turbine structures is considered crucial in the locating of the turbines relative to each other. However, these same impacts have been considered as inconsequential to the physiological and psychological welfare of people living in the vicinity of the turbines.

    All kinds of evasive and unethical ploys have been used by the proponents of industrial wind turbines .. from applying only audible “a-filtered decibel” standards .. to using “time-averaged” decibel measurements as opposed to “cyclical real-time” decibel measurements .. to ignoring medical research on the impacts of infrasound .. to ridiculing victims as “NIMBYS” .. to enacting undemocratic legislation that takes away peoples’ rights to protect themselves.

  8. Now that McGuinty has turned a “deaf ear” to his electorate, see:–mcguinty-rejects-delaying-wind-projects-for-health-study

    He has basically left no doubt that he doesn’t give a damn about the health of the people of Ontario. He states out and out LIES about the history of Wind Turbines across the planet and has shown the world exactly how he feels about people who have lost their homes, their health and their Freedom in this once great Province!

    We will tolerate this no longer..McGuinty and his Gang are now just “history” as representatives of the Ontario Electorate!

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