Biggest con ever perpetrated on the people of Ontario

Lindsay Post

Well folks, here we are once again struggling for our democratic rights here in Ontario to prevent the deployment of wind turbines.

I really didn’t think that this would ever reach the approval stage, knowing how Ontarians feel about our democratic rights and freedom of speech.

It never ceases to amaze me that with all the increases in electrical rates and the prospect of paying up to 300% more in five or so years, that most people just sit back and say, ‘oh well, what can we do about it?’

There is a whole lot you can do about it. For a start, let your MPP know how ticked off you are that your civil rights have been eroded by the so-called Green Energy Act, which purports to be helping the greening of the planet. In reality its going to be responsible for putting seniors out of their homes, due to the fact that they will be seriously struggling to pay their hydro bills in five or so years.

On top of this will be the new harmonized tax which will now be added to all your hydro and heating costs.

Dalton McGuinty truly believes that turbines are going to be this provinces’ savior, along with solar energy. Wise up Mr. McGuinty, the wind doesn’t blow when you want it to and the sun doesn’t shine when you want it to. Otherwise people would be booking holidays from April until October, and not the last two weeks in July.

This is the biggest con game ever perpetrated on the people of Ontario. Mr. McGuinty is already building a gas powered generating plant in Oakville, as even he knows that wind turbines will just not cut it. It’s the same scene all around North America.

Face it Mr. McGuinty, without nuclear power, it just isn’t going to work, not now, not ever.

Contained in the federal Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, persons in possession of real property are entitled to enjoy that property without the interference of neighbours creating smells, sounds and pollution, or any other hazard that extends past the boundaries affecting the owners of that property.

So, if the Charter is to be believed, does this now mean that there could be numerous lawsuits placed against property owners, who have allowed the turbine companies to lease parcels of land. I for one happen to believe there will be just that.

Interesting problem for your government, isn’t it Mr. McGuinty.

Graham Hawkridge Pontypool

10 thoughts on “Biggest con ever perpetrated on the people of Ontario

  1. This is a classic example of Government Mismanagement on a massive scale…

  2. I thought the nuclear industry was the biggest con ever perpetrated on the people of Ontario. You mean this one is even bigger??

  3. McGuilty as charged!

    Dont forget to write these politicians and impress on them your true feelings towards them.

  4. Maybe I can point you at the next big con coming…

    One of the reasons to push Wind Turbines is the idea that electric power is clean, clean clean pure as the driven snow. Just like that lady on the soap box, remember her? Everybody can buy an electric car — no pollution. The globe cools everyone is happy happy happy. Right?

    Well here is an Interesting article in EDN:

    Here is the claim….

    “An interesting fact about electric cars came up yesterday in Bill Schweber’s coffee talk about the smart grid. There was a fellow in the audience there who worked at Southern California Edison. He pointed out that if a bunch of neighbors in a cul-de-sac all bought electric cars, the power line transformer on the pole would blow up at night from the excessive load of charging all those cars. He reminded us we have a 50-year-old infrastructure here in the USA. I have a friend in the semiconductor industry who has seen newsgroup postings that point out a related problem. Those power pole transformers also need to cool off at night when they are under no load. With even a few electric cars charging off the transformer, it will stay nice and warm overnight, and then on a hot summer day, the transformer will blow up due to overheating.”

    Quite the thought right? Smart grids and all that… How about heavy duty not smart…

    Does this apply to Ontario too? Is our infrastructure over 50 years old in some places. Would we blow up transformers if everybody bought an electric car?

    I know there’s a few engineers in the group that are familiar with local grid capabilities. Any thoughts?

    This could be worth an article in itself.

    Happy reading.

  5. An interesting comment.

    Considering the age of the grid and current generation fleet, the upgrades required just to keep the lights on will be raising the hydro prices – regardless if we had any wind turbines or solar panels.

    The interesting survey about nuclear and social acceptance would be to ask any resident – would they rather have a solar module, wind turbine or nuclear power plant as a neighbour?

    Any votes?

    i agree there are limitations and risks around an intermittent source of generation, as there as when one is relying on any fuel source, however it’s worth noting the portfolio effect when considering the intermittency of renewable energy.

  6. Sorry Mr. Porter, your math is off if you think paying 80 cents per kwh is OK considering that you also have to build all the natural gas plants to make up for the unreliabilty of the solar and wind.

    I DO live near a nuclear plant and I have no problem with it whatsoever. It doesn’t keep me awake at night, drive down my property value nor make me ill. The power it produces is dependable, safe and always there when you need it. Much more bang for the buck. I vote for nuclear.

  7. MA, I agree, I’ve not heard 1 person in Canada that has ever been harmed by nuclear in this country. Lots are being chased out of their homes and being made ill by the wind industry. I also don’t live that far from a nuclear plant,it can be seen in the distance

  8. What people fail to realize is that one turbine does not replace one nuclear plant….hundreds of thousands do.

    Taking up huge amounts of land and impacting exponentially more people.

    And in the end, they aren’t really replacing anything since they don’t live up to their capacity ever. Pathetic dribble of power for vast amounts of steel concrete and land use.

  9. MA may take you up on a correction. Hundreds of thousands of wind turbines can never replace one nuclear plant as the power produced is not similar. Hundreds of thousands of wind turbines need a huge reliable source of energy not only for backup but to function. They cannot function on their own and would not produce any power without the reliable source. Industrial wind turbines replace no other reliable energy source; they are additional to those sources. That is ok if we occasionally need some extra power now and then but only exactly when the wind blows. There is no ability to rely on wind power so extra power when needed has to be available from a reliable source 24/7. Industrial wind provides no electricity generating benefits (no capacity), regardless of the numbers because there will be times, and no one can predict when, the wind will not be blowing at the right speeds.

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