Government fears turning over decision making: Bailey

Bob Bailey, MPP, Sarnia-Lambton

Posted By QMI AGENCY, Sarnia Observer

The provincial government is afraid of returning decision-making authority on wind farms back to municipalities, says Sarnia- Lambton MPP Bob Bailey.

He made the comment after the Liberal government defeated an Ontario PC Caucus motion last week calling on the provincial government to place a moratorium on new wind farm development until a comprehensive and independent study is completed on health and environmental concerns.

The motion also called on the government to restore planning authority to Ontario municipalities so no industrial wind farm can be imposed on a community that does not want one.

Municipalities across Ontario have expressed economic and environmental concerns about wind farms being forced on them under the Green Energy Act.

“If Dalton McGuinty’s plan for placing industrial wind farms in the backyards of Ontario communities was as popular as he pretends it is, why is he so afraid of allowing Ontario municipalities and local citizens to have their say?” said Bailey.

“Municipal councils are consulted when a big box store, landfill or industrial complex is looking to move into the local area, so why are the Liberals confiscating local councils’ decision-making authority when it comes to industrial wind farms?”

Local people are the best informed to make local decisions, said Bailey.

4 thoughts on “Government fears turning over decision making: Bailey

  1. How else could the Ontario Liberal Government force an Industrial Infrastructure on Ontarians that it guaranteed to negatively impact their property tax bases, property values, health, aesthetics of their communities, with no real economic benefits to anyone by Wind Energy Companies….

    Well….It’s the FAKE Green Energy Act….!!!!

    A great example of Government Terrorism…on its citizens…

    All of this and your energy rates will at least double….in the near future….

  2. The Liberals are the only regulatory body the wind industry has to buy off. Why would the Liberal’s want to give up that cash flow? Ontario does not have a government representing the people of Ontario but a Liberal party ruling to get as much money as possible in their pockets while they are in power. The Liberal’s don’t appear to care what happens to Ontario. There must be some politicians planning to live somewhere else if they continue to mess up Ontario’s electricity system.

  3. The dictatorial way wind turbines are being pushed by the Liberal Government, along with the HST, is heart breaking for me, a senior citizen. Lack of concern for all citizens of Ontario and especially our youth, plus financial gain for some, is a terrible legacy to leave for future generations.

  4. Thanks for coming of board Bob. Your county has been shafted for having Canada’s largest dump, stop them from making Lambton County the minefield of Wind Turbines!

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