CanWEA’s Robert Hornung Interview

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Robert Hornung, President, Canadian Wind Energy Association, reacts to the anti-wind turbine demonstration at Queens Park on the Goldhawk Fights Back program.

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Robert Hornung is a spokesman for an industrial lobby group whose sole purpose is further the financial interests of wind developers.   CanWEA are desperately trying to dismiss and ignore the problems found with their product.  

Hornung maintains no more research is needed despite hundreds of people coming forward all over the world claiming health problems.    His hand-picked “panel” who were paid by his lobby group to do a short, selective  “literature review” did not interview any victims or conduct any actual research. 

Yet these Lobbyists have jumped to the conclusion that no more research is needed.  Hmm?   I wonder why?

20 thoughts on “CanWEA’s Robert Hornung Interview

  1. Yup, and the same sort of tactics are used by the spin doctors hired by Big Tobacco, Big Chemical, Big Pharamceutical and Big Oil to sell their tainted products.

    No surprise there.

    When you get in bed with a dog, you get fleas — and Hornung is crawling with them. These unethical guys/gals would sell their mothers out if it made them a dime.

  2. There are none so blind as those that will not see=McGuinty Liberals and others.
    You’re dead on Notsogullible. You remind me of the plot of the movie “The Insider” starring Russell Crowe portraying Jeffrey Wigand. Nice analogy.
    I went to the west side of Shelburne this afternoon where a stiff wind was blowing and had no trouble whatsoever being affected by the turbines several hundred feet away. I left the JEEP running and wound down the window. I think the turbines rotate at a certain speed and the wind was blowing at a higher rate of speed–quite a peculiar experience.

    I don’t mind sleeping with my dog even if she had fleas which she doesn’t. Even if she did, the fleas would be honest–they live to suck your blood unlike other flea species pretending to be something else.

  3. And listen closely to that radio interview…I hear fear in Hornung’s cracking voice.

    At the end of the day (to steal a tired phrase he uses umpteen times in that interview), the gig is up!


  4. I commend the interviewer. He asked the basic questions that should be asked…instead of pussy-footing around with fake politeness like the rest of the media.

  5. BTW The best movie to watch is Thank You For Smoking. That comical parody features the biased Academy of Tobacco Studies which oddly enough never, ever finds any concrete prove that tobacco causes health problems. In fact, it emphasized nothing but positives! Sound familiar?

    In real life, that bastion of scientific “reviews” was known as The Tobacco Institute. And the scientists who worked there? Yup, they were covered in money-sucking fleas, too.

  6. “During the media scrum at Dalhousie Mountain on April 23/10, I asked Premier Dexter about possible harm to the health of rural Nova Scotians. He replied: “Well, as you know, this is something that’s been looked at through numerous peer-reviewed studies. They have not found any connection between wind farms and people’s health, but we know that those questions get raised so we’re continuing to monitor the science in relation to it and to see if there’s anything that should give rise to concern.” The premier appeared to be basing his comment on a study of available scientific literature commissioned by the Canadian and American wind energy associations.” This is a cut and paste from an interview with Nova Scotia Premier and it is not a Robert Hornung ranting. The conclusion is there must be a question and answer (how to answer a question when asked) strategy/sheet promoted by the Canadian and American Wind energy association. The answer is so consistently similar, almost verbatim regardless of who in the industry is talking. The only thing being monitored and auctioned is how to hide any information or people who would give rise to concern.

  7. Hornung knows that there would be very few complaints if setbacks were 1000 M, but that would make it more costly for the industry.They don’t want that because “at the end of the day” the only thing that really matters to them is “PROFIT”

  8. You know someone is just spouting rhetoric when they use “at the end of the day” in every sentence.

  9. I was impressed with the research that went into that interview. As others have commented, good questions, good followup.

    I was not impressed with the answers. In another thread I commented on the quality of the papers that CANWEA relies up for the justification that “there is no problem,”. Those papers offer very little of substance and should not be relied upon as justification of any further installs. In particular the “Medical Studies” seem to be worthless.

    Hats off to Goldhawk!

  10. Are we seriously to accept that if existing studies can’t explain why something is happening (scientifically that is) then it’s SAFE to say (at the end of the day) it just isn’t happening at all.


    I guess cancer doesn’t exist either since the scientific cause remains unknown… and no further studies should be done?

    In what universe are guinea pigs and lab rat studies credible but us human beings are not? Oh yeah… in a CanWEA sponsored world.

  11. Twolittlewitches
    Ten sheep should be included with guinea pigs and rats.
    Health Canada officials under the previous Liberal government approved a silzone coated mechanical heart valve even though it killed 50% of the 10 sheep it was tested on. This valve was supplied at a reduced price to hospitals to get as many implanted as quickly as possible. Patients, test subjects all, were never informed about the untested status of their valves. Some, not all, died, some, not all are sick. World-wide litigation is ongoing joining world-wide protests against wind turbines. Ironic isn’t it? The same flawed reasoning still in effect.
    Industrial wind turbine hosts–test subjects all.
    The heart valve manufacturer chose to pay billions in litigation rather than test the valve as they should have done. That’s big business–profits, profits, profits and maybe we’ll get away with it.

  12. CanWEA and the McGuinty government are buffaloing people with the scientific evidence argument. Their argument is no different than challenging Galileo on his evidence that the Earth orbits the sun. What is scientific evidence?

    Scientific method refers to a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. To be termed scientific, a method of inquiry must be based on gathering observable, empirical and measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning.[1] A scientific method consists of the collection of data through observation and experimentation, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses. (Wikipedia)

    There are an abundance of observations showing that when certain people live near wind turbines they get sick, and when they leave they get better, often clinically observed and recorded by doctors. A clear hypothesis has been established. It is up to McGuinty and Hornung to disprove it.

    McGuinty subscribes to the big lie principle–the bigger the lie the more believable: “We’ve had turbines for decades without health problems.”

    Hornung will at least admit some people have problems, but still clings to the argument that there is nothing in the literature–another lie. It’s like covering your eyes and saying I can’t hear you.

    Somebody has to nail these guys in a debate or in court. Their bologna won’t stand up to scrutiny.

  13. Hornung is the snake we discovered under the rock. The problem is, is there is more than one rock and more than one snake!

  14. Agree with Grant that the court process
    is the avenue to crucify these slimeballs.
    Only problem is that at the end of it all,
    both politicians and windies will exonerate
    themselves of any liability by falling back
    to the argument that everything they did
    was within the parameters of the best
    available info (their own) at the time.

  15. The lame excuse of “best available information at the time” will not work as they have been, both formally and informally, advised of scientific evidence to the contrary.

    When one wants not to discover the truth, they rarely will. This is not a legitimate excuse.

    And for the rest of the Liberal party members who sit quietly and do as ordered, the Nuremberg defense is equally discredited and appalling.

    Court – yes……exonerate – hardly!

  16. A fair court process is all that is needed and a judge, not politically influenced is essential.

  17. Can someone please correct me I’m wrong — ignorance is not an excuse for negligence in the eyes of the law, is it?

  18. Just a short word on the Scientific Method.

    The basis of Modern Science is often said to be Falsifiability…

    “Falsifiability or refutability is the logical possibility that an assertion can be shown false by an observation or a physical experiment. That something is “falsifiable” does not mean it is false; rather, that if it is false, then this can be shown by observation or experiment. The term “testability” is related but more specific; it means that an assertion can be falsified through experimentation alone.”

    Thanks to Dr. Popper we have a way of making a hypothesis and advancing a theory…

    The group of “Canwea Papers” can be found here:

    I made some comments in another thread here…

    The bottom line is that I think that the “Science” leaves somewhat to be desired. The interviewer got it right.

  19. “…ignorance is not an excuse…”

    “Plausible Deni ability”.
    The broadest loophole of them all 😉

  20. Ignorance is not a legal defence and especially not for a political leader who knows real people are suffering from industrial wind turbines. Liberals have been told in open forums and in writing what is happening and they choose to continue to lie. It is not ignorance but a clear and conscious intent to harm people, their property and the environment. The Liberals do not believe their lies. They just hope the ignorant will.

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