Open Letter to All Liberal and NDP MPP’s in Ontario

Heartless and Brainless

On Wednesday April 28, 2010 by your words and actions, you very forcefully told me via the media and formally at Queens Park in the Legislature, that my husband and I are not credible.

You told many Ontario families that they are not credible. You told Dr. Robert McMurtry and Carmen Krogh that they are not credible even with their exceptional credentials and unparalleled professional experience.

Not one of you has ever called me or interviewed me.

Your incompetence, your neglect and your apathy forced my husband and I from our home. You are fully to blame and I resent that you continue to do this to additional families in Ontario with all of the information you have at hand. Instead of correcting the problems your choice is to continue to publicly and callously demoralize and cause harm to people.

While you were spouting your negligent commentaries about the extensive research done in Europe, and your brazen and completely inaccurate statements that they have no problems associated with wind turbines, in the gallery not only was Norma Schmidt who had the astonishing courage to stand and speak up because she couldn’t take listening to any more, but there was a lot more going on.

For those of you who spoke by voting against the moratorium and those who spoke on behalf of your parties that day I want you to imagine being forced to leave your home. Imagine that you, your spouse and your children are sick and can no longer sleep and thrive in your own home. Imagine all of the arrangements you have to make.

•Where do you go?
•Where do the kids go?
•Who’ll take the cat and 2 dogs?
•Will you have to separate them, board them?
•How will you pay your mortgage and utilities and still afford another place to rent?
•Do you have to get a line of credit?
•Who will even consider giving you one if you’re admitting you can’t live in your home. It will be now worthless and of no value to the bank.
•What do you take with you? Everything…or just the bare minimum to live on?
•What about the stuff you have to leave?
•Will it be safe or will the house be broken into now that it’s been abandoned.
•How can you just leave everything?
•What do you say to the kids teachers when they’ve been uprooted, are having difficulty in school and you can’t trust that they will understand because nobody believes it. Will they suspect that you and your spouse are splitting up for other reasons?
•How do you protect your children from being ridiculed by other families in the community? How can you do all this and do your jobs, when you are so deprived of sleep you cannot even form a coherent sentence. Is there a government assistance program that can help you find temporary accommodations, who can help financially and emotionally?
Why isn’t somebody listening and why isn’t your government helping you?

On April 28th, 2010 I know that there were at least 15 people present who have already gone through, or are going through these questions right now. These brave people were able to attend this important day by leaving their jobs and travelling for hours by car, bus and GO Transit. I don’t know how many more of them were actually present because I certainly don’t know them all, but their presence represented all of the victims in the province and you stood up in front of them and re-victimized them over and over again with your inept and unresearched comments. You told the world that all of these people have no credibility.

Present that day was a teenager, who became so sick that her parents had to send her to live with relatives until they too could find alternate accommodations. They had to find homes for most of their animals, but still return to their abandoned farm daily to care of some they can’t get moved yet. They also have full time jobs. These people were there, listening to you from the gallery. So too was a neighbour of theirs who is too sick to stay in their home and has to sleep elsewhere at night. And a senior citizen who has to stay in a rental house. There were multiple families who built brand new homes, their dream homes and now they cannot finish them. They have lost the desire and energy to finish their plans. They cannot continue to live there. They are sick. They too were in the gallery.

The dreams and the daily lives of these families are being crushed, and yet these people still made it to this important event at Queens Park on April 28th, 2010. Many in attendance have been forced from their homes and I personally know other families, unable to make it, that have also had to abandon their homes. Who knows for sure how many more are suffering in silence. So tell me, what is the magic number you are all waiting for? How many people?

What a shameful comment that after listening to the passionate plea for acknowledgment and help that came from your gallery, you actually returned to finish your discrediting and dismissal of adverse health effects and voted against the moratorium. Unbelievable.

At some point the media will get wise to your sly “extensive research” and “best sciences” statements and will start doing their own research and interviews instead of relying on you for comment.

Good luck with that.

Barbara Ashbee, Orangeville, Ontario

8 thoughts on “Open Letter to All Liberal and NDP MPP’s in Ontario

  1. Perhaps if your were blaming the Federal Conservatives, the press would invest some more ink in covering the plight of Canadian families and green the accountability of government.

    Until than our MSM will be busy about the treatment of prisoners in Afghanistan, an alleged murderer held by our allies or flying down to the tropics to ask a private detective what information he may have.

  2. Thank you Barbara- a fantastic letter that nails the ‘naying’ MPP’s to the wall. I couldn’t even read all the Hansard. It was the same revolting statements as was made in fall 2009. It’s like reading a torture document, and I’m not that good at watching horror films either…but I will try to do it again.

  3. I agree with everything you say Barbara but how do we get the message through?
    Who is working on legitimate studies of health problems from the wind farms?
    Are any studies ready to be published?
    I will help in any way to get these studies done and published!
    a member of the WAIT group

  4. I am so sorry.. I think of the ones going through this often.. Its why I come to this site every day..

  5. Please go to this website:
    and see who has done a professional study on this terrifying issue of Wind Turbine Syndrome. Nina Pierpont is becoming increasingly recognised by scientists, the medical profession and “the victims” for her extraordinary work.
    Barbara, I feel for you, and only wish you every success in trying to achieve some satisfaction in your endeavors. Your letter is profoundly moving.

  6. It is horrible that anyone in Ontario has to go through what Barbara is going through and still faces. More will be impacted directly and a lot more will be impacted indirectly with the higher costs to stay in their homes if industrial wind continues to get the high subsidies and special rights. More families will not be able to afford electricity. Soon, people living within an industrial wind turbine jungle will not be getting any electricity because they have been cut off. Sleepless, sick and in the dark. Not a funny picture.

  7. One thing we know for certain is that Mr. McGuinty doesn’t read his own government’s proposals or documents or legislation. Remember the sex curriculum mess? McGuinty publicly admitted that it was too big for him to read. He didn’t even know what was in it. So now he says that he knows of no credible studies showing health problems with IWTs. Is anybody surprised? He doesn’t read, therefore he doesn’t know.

  8. Thank you Barb.

    Your letter is a reaffirmation of why we are all working to stop the madness.

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