Any salvation for eagles?

By J. Charles Turner, Windsor Star

Once again, a story in The Windsor Star for environmental buffs to sink their teeth into.

To me, as an aboriginal person, it lifts my spirit to see an eagle. This bird is sacred to us and our ancestry was built around anunkasan, eagle.

It must be said though, that people certainly don’t have to be of aboriginal blood to appreciate nature.

Apparently, we have a resurgence of the bald eagle in Essex County and it has made front page news.

This is a good thing because this is exactly where this story ought to be. Hopefully, front page news will grab the attention of the birders and people who want to save the planet.

I certainly hope this exposure will be worthy of a crusade, maybe it would even rate right up there with the lowly cormorant. Is there any salvation for these gorgeous birds?

Not in Essex County. Not with the hundreds and hundreds of wind turbines that are now growing up like mushrooms in cow paddies.

I would think that some alarm bells would be going off when we know wind turbines kill this type of bird — in fact, all raptor types.

Bald eagles have been taking up residence in Essex County long before these turbines were even thought of.

But, to my chagrin, I feel that this resurgence is only temporary because they can’t and won’t compete with the spinning blades of wind machines.

J. Charles Turner, Amherstburg

2 thoughts on “Any salvation for eagles?

  1. This Government has declared the Eagle’s demise as a necessary trade off for a “good solid cash investment”

    I know there isn’t one Native person in the world that doesn’t hold the Eagle as the most sacred bird to fly above our Turtle Island!

    Every single First Nation’s citizen should be so outraged by these “miserable excuses for humans” that they should not allow any single politician or Wind Salesman on their Land until this Wind Scam is shut down!

  2. ck out these beautiful birds do not nest in wind turbines… shame on all of those people (Wind Turbine corporates, NEMI Mayor and Council, Dalton McGuinty, Brad Duguid) that do nothing to protect Mother Nature and Human Nature! These people do not have any worry because these monster turbines are not going anywhere close their homes! They just want to put them close to our homes…and the eagles and the many other animals that live in and around the area.

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