Just Answer the Question, Duguid

Pathetic Response from Brad Duguid

Question Period, Ontario Legislature, May 3, 2010


Ms. Sylvia Jones: My question is for the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure. Last month, you announced 184 energy projects that will proceed without municipal approval. How many more energy projects do you expect to site this fiscal year?

Hon. Brad Duguid: The feed-in tariff program, for the most part, when it comes to the large projects, has been allocated. The 184 are the bulk that is approved as of right now. In terms of approved, I mean that they’ve been given contracts. They still have to go through an approval process.

I thank the member for raising that question, because I want to ask her whether she feels comfortable with her own policies in this respect. Just last week here in this Legislature, we had an opportunity-

Hon. Brad Duguid: Just last week, this Legislature had an opportunity to choose between their policy of relying on dirty coal and our policy of moving towards renewables such as wind energy, water and solar. I want to thank my colleagues here in this Legislature for choosing wisely. We have to move forward into the future with cleaner and healthier sources of energy. Your side would-

The Speaker (Hon. Steve Peters): Thank you. Supplementary?

Ms. Sylvia Jones: Minister, not one of those 184 projects received municipal approval. None was necessary, and that’s what I would like to talk about and get your answer on now.

Municipalities across Ontario are planning jurisdictions for landfills, for industrial areas and for residential sitings, yet you feel they are incapable of being part of the municipal planning process for renewable projects. Why do you not think the municipalities are up to the job, Minister?

Hon. Brad Duguid: The member knows full well that municipalities must be engaged in these decisions. They must be consulted, and communities must be consulted. We’ve said that in this Legislature-    (Is this guy, serious???!)

Hon. Brad Duguid: Not only does the other side want to bring us back in time, they want to bring us back in time even further behind the Harris government. Let me quote one of my predecessors as Minister of Energy. Mr. John Baird said “the government wants to move quickly in getting environmentally friendly projects for wind, solar and more hydroelectric power on stream. ‘Conservation has got to be part of the equation and alternative fuels has got to be part of the equation…. We don’t want to study the issue, we want to move forward on it.'” That was your Minister of Energy during the Harris days. You’re not only moving back to their period of time, you want to move even further back-

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  1. What has dirty coal got to do with moving towards renewables? What ever replaces coal will not be renewable. What about cleaning up coal. Less cost than building thousands of industrial wind turbines to impact the country side. What about the energy needed to support the renewables? All renewables require a reliable energy source and no one is quite sure how much is used at least no one is talking.

  2. mginty and duguid put out more wind than all the wind turbines in ontario.

  3. What a horrible human Duguid is. I wish he would leave my planet real soon.

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