Wind is not Alternate Energy

"November Morning - Deer Creek" by Ross Bateman

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I guess Keith Ashley thought he was being nicely balanced with his April 20 article “There are plenty of pros and cons to wind energy.”

Well, in the United States, to take just one example, more than 25,000 operating wind turbines have allowed no coal plants to close, and no greenhouse gasses have been off set. It’s the same worldwide.

Wind must be backed up with adequate steady-state power-sources, and when more turbines are added, that can mean more steady-state plants must be built . . . and that won’t be wind or solar.

Green jobs? In Denmark, the shining example, each wind-related job costs between $90,000 and $140,000 per job per year in public subsidies.

Cheap power for our economy? Wind subsidies will guarantee massive utility increases. Just look at today’s guarantees for wind contracts in Ontario.

Great for the natural environment? The American Bird Conservancy estimates that turbines now kill as many as 275,000 birds a year in the U.S. Add to that untold numbers of bats and pollinating insects.

Proper environmental oversight? The “Green” Energy Act cannot be usefully questioned or countermanded, even by a democratically-elected municipality.

It’s remarkable…totally mind-blowing…that the technical arguments about this wind boondoggle are almost never countered and are so repeatedly forgotten.

The vast majority must think that anything so big as the proliferation of turbine installations must be based on solid research, and can’t be a conspiracy of self-dealing.

Wind energy: pros and cons? I’m afraid the pros are based on a con. Wind is not alternate energy.

Ross Bateman  RR3, Langton

8 thoughts on “Wind is not Alternate Energy

  1. I agree….Wind is FAKE Green Energy…The Fake Green Energy Act is a con….

  2. The pros are based on a con….


  3. Everything Ross states has been published and repeated over and over again. More people are realizing that wind will provide us with little power and no power if not supported by a constant source of electricity which is a drain on our reliable energy sources. Industrial wind turbines will not save us from carbon emissions if that is a worry at all, will not provide us with an unlimited source of cheap power and the hardware necessary to capture the bits and pieces of wind energy will wear out sooner than later and maintenance costs are unsustainable. Building new turbines every ten to twenty years elevates the costs. All this for an energy dependent energy source.

  4. Too bad this article is not on billboards across North America! If each county in every Province and State asked their Townships to help (because we elected them to protect us) us put up billboards with this message, we could beat this travesty and madness. RISE UP CANADA… Protecting our future generations, our wildlife and our homes have never been under such an attack or threat!

    If each of our groups can get their Township to put up one billboard, one at a time, we can start the “TRUTH REVOLUTION” !

    “I have a dream, People” Billboards for the “TRUTH REVOLUTION” and GODSPEED, full speed ahead… time is awaisting!

  5. The message has to be clear. Industrial wind turbines do not function as an energy supply system within the grid and provide none of the promoted benefits (other than making money off of tax payers) promised by wind sales people. Most wind sales people are into selling and do not know themselves anything about industrial wind. It is in part why they cannot answer questions outside of their sales pitch.

  6. What Ross said may have been said many times before, but he does say it so well with such spare, unvarnished eloquence, doesn’t he?

  7. Addressing a Heritage Foundation seminar last May, Dr. Gabriel Calzada, Professor of King Juan Carlos University in Madrid explained what Feed In Tariffs and other wind subsidies did to Spain (as well as Portugal and Greece) got into debt:
    “What do we do with all this industry that we have been creating with subsidies that now is collapsing? The bubble is too big. We cannot continue pumping enough money. …The President of the Renewable Industry in Spain (wrote a column arguing that) …the only way is finding other countries that will give taxpayers’ money away to our industry to take it and continue maintaining these jobs.”
    Taken from:
    Industrial wind is not sustainable and this Liberal mess will only get worse the longer they believe they can make this work. Where are their brains?

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