“Community Owned” Industrial Wind Turbines

The wind industry and environmental NGOs have come up with a recent theory that if only neighbours  got paid, then they would easily accept industrial wind turbines in their communities.    I say to them, peace and quiet in a healthy environment is priceless.   We do not want your money.  We do not want a piece of your game.

A “Community Power Finance Forum” will be held May 10, 2010 at the MaRS Centre in Toronto.  The purpose of this gathering to come up with some good sales pitches on idea of “community owned” industrial wind turbines to rural Ontario.   The following videos tell the story of just such a community owned project in Vinalhaven, Maine:

5 thoughts on ““Community Owned” Industrial Wind Turbines

  1. Apparently my history teacher had some truth in comprehending the possibility that a dictatorship could easily occur. A ruthless premier and a couple bills later, the taxpaying landowners of Ontario have no protection, no voice.

  2. NO voice Sick Turbine but we ARE CANADIAN! We will rise up with numbers that will make their heads spin like a turbine! We are enough now that exponential growth will happen rapidly and whoa unto these bullies and snakeoil salesman- We will take back our Province- The good news is that never again will we be taken in by big business and politicians- We have been to the brink of the collapse of democracy in Ontario and that my friend is worth going to war over, God forbid-

  3. There are amazing lies being published on the success of Vinalhaven. The funny thing is the power to the island is still being supplied by traditional sources. Island rate payers are being bought off by a few cents per kw as the project was sold to them as a means to reduce their elelcticity prices. They still pay for delivery charges and they are being sold that they are power self sufficient. That is a big lie. The bits and pieces of power produced go on the grid and are not directed to the island for consumption. If self sufficiency was possible there would be no need for the underwater transmission line to the mainland and islander’s delivery costs would be eliminated. That will never happen as the industrial wind turbines cannot give them the right amount at the time they need energy and most times not much at all. The energy sold to go on the grid may or may not be used by anyone. The same amount of money if spent on energy conservation on the island would have reduced electricity consumption and islander’s would have seen better returns at the local level. The rebate on their elelctricity is not related to the power produced by the turbines but just a bribe, that most likely will make no difference in the amount paid when the hype of the project wears out its use.

  4. One thousand protesters descended on Queens Park, to be conservative, every single member present probably represented one thousand “stay at home dissenters”!

    That makes up at least one million people who are informed and outraged by this “Dictatorial Government”

    How’s that for scary numbers Mr. Premier!

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