OPA recklessly signing contracts at a rate of 1 Billion/week

Credit:  Tom Adams Energy

Ontario Power Bill Rip-Off: No Plan

The Ontario government is operating the province’s vastly complex power system without a plan.

Although the Ontario Power Authority was set up in 2004 with a mandate to create and update an integrated power system plan for the province, no such plan has been approved and the most recent draft is over three years old.

In the last couple of weeks, the Ontario government, which had supervised the preparation of business and rate plans at OPG and Hydro One, ordered both Crown utilities to abandon those plans just days before they were to be filed with the Ontario Energy Board for public review. Part of OPG’s plan was expected to include some of the first details made public on the extent of power spills. Hydro One’s plan was to include details on how new renewable generators will be connected to the transmission system.

Notwithstanding yawning information gaps and the curtailment of existing generation resources due to excess supply, the Ontario Power Authority is recklessly signing contracts for new generation supply at a rate of over one billion dollars per week.   Read more

9 thoughts on “OPA recklessly signing contracts at a rate of 1 Billion/week

  1. “…and the curtailment of existing generation resources due to excess supply…”

    Shortage? Of course we have shortages…”nothing to see here folks!”…”Just pay your exuberant hydro bill and shut up while we figure out a way to make boatloads more money from this”…”wait a minute, someone’s already figured that out?” “Let’s just sell the excess…aah humm…I mean shortage.”

    “Wow! That’s brilliant!!!”

  2. A lot of excess power gets sold at a loss and guess who gets to make up the difference? Consumers get to take another one for the team.

  3. Sold at a loss? Depends on how you interpret.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I cant see any co. tapped into the grid and selling power to be taking their lumps. As you pointed out, “losses” seem to be passed on to the consumer. With a deal like that, somebody’s still making money.

  4. From the link above…Posted by Mike Barnard…

    “Still, the need remains for an overarching plan that ensures Ontario will meet the electricity demands of residents and businesses today and in the future. It is also vital that the plan be publicly debated.”

    I do not think public debate/input (democracy?) will be respected here..

  5. Jackie, could you be more explicit in your definition of “I do not think………here..”?

  6. To Mike:
    I’m not sure that I fully understand Machiavellianism, but dictionary.com describes it as:

    “1.of, like, or befitting Machiavelli.

    2.being or acting in accordance with the principles of government analyzed in Machiavelli’s The Prince, in which political expediency is placed above morality and the use of craft and deceit to maintain the authority and carry out the policies of a ruler is described.

    3.characterized by subtle or unscrupulous cunning, deception, expediency, or dishonesty: He resorted to Machiavellian tactics in order to get ahead. ”

    Mike, please read the article “What Went Wrong With Ontario’s Energy Policy” by Keith Sterling found here: http://windconcernsontario.wordpress.com/2010/04/16/what-went-wrong-with-ontario%E2%80%99s-energy-policy/

    Do you think any of the stuff he points out (and references) about how the Ontario government came up with the current energy scheme should be described as “Machiavellian”?

    Awaiting your insights,
    shocked and disgusted

  7. McGuinty and company are displaying the heights of “Crisis Management” now.

    Scrambling to accomodate all the promises to foreign investors and trying to make the delivery system for renewables “fit” our present grid system, even though it was never designed for wild fluctuations of supply when the wind blows or the sun shines.

    His whole strategy here is to allow the Natural Gas conglomerates to become actively involved in our electricity supply and that is his plan regardless of how many big “intellectual” words certain “posters” attempt to impress us with while defending this “out of control” Government .

    Oh and BTW…the Wind Industry is at the “bottom end of respectable businesses” operating in Ontario in case certain people are aligned with them!

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