Toronto Hydro ponders wind turbines in schoolyards

Anthony Haines, Toronto Hydro


Toronto Hydro is hunting for sites around the city where it can install solar and wind-powered electricity generators, says chief executive Anthony Haines.

That could even mean building wind turbines in schoolyards, he told the Toronto Star editorial board.

Toronto Hydro is committed to installing 500 megawatts of renewable generation, as well as reducing demand by 500 megawatts through conservation.

“To achieve 500 megawatts every stone is going to get turned over to see what’s in the range of possibility,” Haines told the Star’s editorial board Wednesday.

The new Portlands Energy Centre on the waterfront generates 550 megawatts or about enough energy to supply a city the size of Windsor.

“Responsibly we should look at everything, and the impacts and the cost and the risks,’ Haines said.

“I can tell you that in the plan that we filed, there are both on-shore and off-shore wind considered in it.”

Just this week, Toronto Hydro has towed a platform into Lake Ontario off the Scarborough Bluffs where it will install a device to measure wind speeds.

If there’s enough wind, the utility could install up to 60 turbines on the lake bed.

Asked what on-shore sites Toronto Hydro is looking at, Haines said: “This is dreaming, but maybe things like wind projects in schoolyards, where they can become part of the education program in conjunction with a solar roof and a wind turbine,”

“If there’s appropriate economics there those are certainly in the range of the doable.”

Impact on local communities would be part of any decision, he said.

The Scarborough off-shore wind development has aroused strong opposition in parts of the community.

“It’s a funny world we live in where (electricity’s) an essential service that nobody wants,” he said. “Nobody wants the infrastructure necessary to get electricity to the plug, but everyone wants the electricity in the plug.

“I’m hoping that over time, there’ll be the experiences of people brought on that will calm the concerns of the community.”

Toronto Hydro is also searching for sites that would be suitable for solar-powered, or photo-voltaic generation. Flat rooftops are natural candidates.

“There’s lots of municipal properties we have on the list that we’re having a look at — TTC properties, for example,” he said.

Toronto Hydro also has plans to generate 10 megawatts of power using gas from the sewage treatment plant at Ashbridge’s Bay, and 8 megawatts from gas produced by the Green Lane landfill near St. Thomas

7 thoughts on “Toronto Hydro ponders wind turbines in schoolyards

  1. This is too stupid to even leave a comment! On the other hand when kids get sick at school it will make people pay attention, especially this idiot!

  2. He’s ‘dreaming’ of putting wind turbines on school property?! I call that a nightmare…that isn’t too far off from reality out here in rural Ontario.

  3. ‘It’s a funny world, where everyone should value electrical generation by wind turbines over the health of their children’

  4. “The new Portlands Energy Centre on the waterfront generates 550 megawatts or about enough energy to supply a city the size of Windsor.”

    That’s IRONIC since according to the IESO (Independent Electricty System Operator), right now Ontario is only producing 300 MW of wind energy…

    Nuclear: 8255 MW
    Hydro: 2728 MW
    Gas: 1154 MW
    Coal: 498 MW
    WIND: 300 MW
    Other: 105 MW

    Huh… That certainly doesn’t add up. What happened to that 550 MW being generated? Did it flee the grid?

  5. This shows what we get from our Education system in Ontario….”Educated FAKE Green Liberal Idiots”…

  6. Now how to word this.
    As I consider myself a non discriminating rural dweller it would be selfish to prohibit turbines from city locations. School-yards, parks, the ex, Rosedale, Queen’s Park, High Park should all be required to avail themselves of this splendid opportunity to be “green”.
    So come on McGuinty put your money where your mouth is–have one in your back-yard, have one in Queen’s Park. Show some leadership for a change and don’t be so discriminatory keeping all wind turbines in rural areas. We’re willing to share.
    No smilies so hee hee hee.

  7. So now McGuinty wants to make our own children sick!

    How’s that for a “caring Government?”

    Maybe when people take their children out of school to protect them from Government harm will this finally sink in that this is a very evil and disgusting “power group”!

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