Chickens Beat Turbines

London Free Press

I wish that our neighbours were only planning to have a few chickens next door. Instead, six of them have signed on to build approximately 18 wind turbines.

Instead of chicken coops, we will get 400-foot-high rotating monsters towering over our homes. Eighteen new roads will have to be built to them, each taking close to 60 truckloads of concrete. Once up, they will interrupt our sleep, lower our property values and possibly affect our health. Did I mention that they will cause all of us to pay way more for electricity because they are so inefficient? The novelty may wear off of backyard chickens but our turbines will have a 20-year contract on them.

I would love to trade my neighbours for yours. Look on the bright side — you may get free eggs.

Janneke Murray, Seaforth

4 thoughts on “Chickens Beat Turbines

  1. we can not have a couple chickens to give us fresh eggs but wind turbines? slap them in!!! If this destruction continues we will only wish we had a chicken!!! If 2012 don’t get us than i guess Corporations will!!!

  2. It’s about time to take on the so-called “neighbours” that allow the “snake oil salesmen” to talk them into these installations…………
    Ostracize them from your community, label them as “undesirables”, whatever it takes…………make their lives in your communities a place where they are not welcome at any level of social interaction…………after all, they don’t give a damn that they allowed this to destroy YOUR lives and YOUR Homes!

  3. If I’m correct, the building of roads require municipal approval. Why don’t these municipalities use this approach to fight the industrial wind turbines? The building of roads do not fall under the Green Energy Act, do they? This would give back the municipalties control of their destiny.

  4. Our municipality has put our project on hold until they straighten out things with the MOE. The developer filed for building permit but Amherstburg won’t issue them until they get some answers as to why the developer is ignoring bylaws that were in place when the C of A was issued. We’ll see.

    Our planner (a pro-windy) is saying the municipalities lost all powers under the GEA to block anything or even uphold their own bylaws if it means stopping a project.

    I guess it’s just a matter of how far each municipality wants to push it. It takes some guts, conviction and courage.

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