McGuinty wants red-tailed hawk to be national bird of Canada

Red-tail hawk dead under a wind turbine

Toronto Sun

The red-tailed hawk has Premier Dalton McGuinty’s vote for national bird of Canada. The Canadian Raptor Conservancy has launched a petition to encourage the federal government to choose an official bird to represent the country.

“We have national products like maple syrup, we have national sports like ice hockey and lacrosse, we have animals such as the beaver, the moose, the caribou, the polar bear, the grizzly bear, the Canada goose and the Canada lynx, but we do not have a national bird. Why?” the organization’s website says.

A pair of red-tailed hawks are currently raising a little family at Queen’s Park, and can often be seen swooping over the lawns looking for a meal. McGuinty told reporters Wednesday that he’s prepared to support the nomination of the hawk as the country’s national bird.

6 thoughts on “McGuinty wants red-tailed hawk to be national bird of Canada

  1. I think that the Turkey Vulture better represents the Ontario Liberal Government…

  2. Why isn’t this picture on the front page of all the major newspapers in TORONTO??? Under the story of McGuinty’s pick for bird of Canada-

  3. Forget the birds. I’m prepared to
    support the nomination of McGoofy
    as the country’s national idiot.

  4. Well madasabat, post that on the Star site under this story- I did and the moderator didn’t let my comments through??? Your comment beside the picture above would make a wonderful front page story! I almost fell off my chair laughing-

    “McGoofy”- National Idiot of Canada ! Good one, thanks- made my day! But rest assured that is what McGuilty will be remembered as-

  5. I’ve got a bird for McGuinty!……………it’s called the “middle finger salute!”……..or “flippin’ the bird” so to speak!……………

    After all that’s what he giving to the Citizens of Ontario!

  6. I see so many of these wonderful birds. What a hypocrite McGuinty is. The provincial trillium flower isn’t protected when woodlots are cut down for wind turbines, nor will the red tail hawk be protected if made a national bird.

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