Abandoned Home in Turbine Town, Ontario

Ontario – There is no place like this
Norfolk County – Come, visit, play, stay
Clear Creek – Historic Village


This house in Clear Creek (Turbine Town) was abandoned after the Wind Turbines were put into operation. It was sitting empty while listed for sale and eventually burned down.


This abandoned home has recently been put back on the market.

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  1. How much loss across all of Ontario can be figured to date- As much as we can not measure the emotional loss and stress of losing our homes, what would the dollar value of real estate loss? How many homes in each county? Sure do wish a Law firm would sue the a$$ off the Ontario Government and the developers and the land leasers! That would sure turn things around while Ontario still has a glimmer of democracy still in place! Like the farmer said “Oh Lord what have we done?”

  2. The Clear Creek/Cultus/Frogmore cluster of 18 Vestas 1.65 MW IWT’s has within a 3 km radius ~ 140 houses. The photos above are of 1 out of 8 abandoned houses. [You can see my house just behind the tree on the right side of the second photo]

    In addition, there are 11 vacated but not abandoned houses for sale, 8 occupied houses for sale, and 8 houses which are used sporadically/seasonally.

    As the propaganda about the “Historic Hamlet” of Clear Creek says, “come, visit, play, stay” but also try sleeping in one of the houses when the wind speeds are between 15 km/h and 50 km/h.

    Just a heads up – don’t bother coming in August because there is NO WIND – it is dead calm most years during that month [actually I’m looking forward to some blessed, deep, restorative sleep then].

  3. Is there anyway to put a book together of all the homes in Ontario that are empty due to the proximity of Industrial wind turbines? With the caption in quotes of course that reads:” There is no discernible evidence of negative health affects of wind turbines” -Dalton McGuinty

    “The people that own these homes just decided that they didn’t like the view so they walked away- and rented another house-” Wind Developer

    These pictures speak volumes and are just so very sad-

  4. The new copy houses in the city can take all your pics off a CD and bind them along with any print you want into a book for a very small amount of money. All pics are produced in glossy format and you can write your text in Word format and they will do all the work………..prices average about $50.00

    One should be mailed to McGuinty’s Mother!

  5. Johana,
    I feel for you.

    How far is the house for sale (the one near yours) from the turbines? It’s difficult to determine from either photo.

    Last Sunday, a windy day in Melancton, I stood a few hundred feet from a turbine and felt a shudder every time a blade passed the pillar. Nothing was moving except the blade and the wind so it was a very strange sensation. I could clearly “hear” the turbine while sitting in the car with the engine running. I wasn’t facing the blades in either direction, the tower was on my left.
    The farmhouse is across the road from the turbine, possibly 500′ away–it’s hard to judge. An occupant stood on their front lawn looking in my direction. I wanted to talk to her but she went inside when I approached. Ahh probably sworn to secrecy anyway.

  6. The burned out house is my neighbour to the east. The closest IWT is ~ 500m directly north. In speaking to the previous owner who now lives ~ 100 km away, she said she was quite affected by the combined influence of the 18 Vestas 1.65 MW IWT’s surrounding that house within the 3 km radius.

    Thank you for your support. It was a particularly wild and windy night and once again, I felt, rather than heard a “train” like sensation going over a distant railroad track. Feelings of dizziness and nausea have returned and exhaustion upon getting up.

    Sorry, I don’t feel up to being more explanatory – just too tired.

  7. A turbine ghost town. This is the most reckless government to allow rampant industrialization throughout communities.

  8. This is sad — I would like to copy the comments of this as I have been trying to provide information to some of the local realtors here in our county in the US. The “wind company” said there isn’t any property value loss; I’m trying to educate realtors that there is problems. Common sense would say that there is, but when it comes to this issue common sense seems to go out the window.

    We are waiting now to see when the company is going to put in a permit. Our ordinance is slanted to make this “easy” for the company — surprise, surprise, ha.

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