The Green Energy Act – The Big Green Lie!

Fascism: “Any movement, ideology, or attitude that favors dictatorial government, centralized control of private enterprise, repression of all opposition, and extreme nationalism”

OK, so maybe Dalton McGuinty isn’t extremely nationalistic… What did the Nazi propaganda minister; Joseph Goebbels say? Tell the big lie? It seems Dalton has learned this lesson well indeed. He is telling us a BIG GREEN LIE while perpetrating a BIG GREEN FRAUD against all of us in the form of the Green Energy Act!

This was copied and pasted directly from the Ontario Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure’s website:

“Electricity generation from wind farms reduces the emission of carbon dioxide by 99 per cent over coal-fired electricity plants and by 98 percent over natural gas. This includes the emissions created by the production of the turbines”.

Also, according to Dalton; “Ontario is a new comer to this; Wind energy is hardly new”.

WOW! That is essentially a 1 to 1 ratio! For every megawatt of wind power, we can reduce almost 1 megawatt of coal or natural gas CO2 equivalent! So if we go to other jurisdictions that have been doing this for decades, like Denmark for example, we will see drastic reductions in both the use of coal and natural gas fired electrical generation, right?

Ya think!!?

Over the last 20 years, Denmark has steadily increased her wind generation to a point where now, it can contribute 20% of her total grid capacity. Per capita, this is the highest in the world today. However, her consumption of coal over the same period has decreased a grand total of 1.4%! She has shut down NOT ONE coal fired generator! WHAT!? According to Dalton, that should be at least a 19.8% reduction!

Over the same period, Denmark’s use of natural gas generation has INCREASED from 0% to 23% and now accounts for more grid capacity than does wind! INCREASE?  That’s right! Dramatically! As for reductions in CO2 levels… Sorry, none to be found! Even with almost 6,000 commercial wind turbines in operation, Denmark’s CO2 output has decreased a grand total of 0.1% in twenty years of trying!

 Obviously, Denmark is doing something wrong and we here in Ontario won’t see these dismal results!

At least, this is essentially what Energy Minster Brad Duguid is saying… Curiously, his predecessor, the main author of this fraud, George Smitherman, has quit the provincial Liberal government to run for mayor of Toronto! Now why would that be?

OK, how about Germany then? She has over 20,000 wind turbines, some, the largest in the world (7MW) and over 5 MILLION square meters of solar panels. With all that “green energy” she is obviously shutting down coal and natural gas generators by the dozens, right? NO! Instead of shutting down coal generation she plans to build 26 MORE coal plants in the upcoming years and has added thousands of natural gas generators to her mix. Again, reductions in CO2 output are not to be found!

This same theme is repeated in every jurisdiction that has tried green energy without exception. Why?

Simple: Wind turbines and solar panels provide energy only when the wind blows and the sun shines. The vast majority of the time this isn’t when the people need the power. Whatever “green energy” is on a grid must be “shadowed” by the regular, reliable, predictable variety, you know, like natural gas! The more “green” capacity on a grid, the more “shadow” capacity you need! Hence any reductions in CO2 (if) any are realized by conservation or coal being replaced with natural gas and NOT green energy!

Even the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) gives green energy a dismal score of only 2% on its ability to reduce CO2. Conservation on the other hand, gets a 50% score by the IPCC!

The Liberal government was actually told as much by The Ontario Power Authority. The result: Energy Minister George Smitherman took direct ministerial control of this supposedly “arms length” governing body by ministerial decree in order to suppress this opposition.  The resulting Green Energy Act contains specific measures to prevent ANY opposition so green energy operators can steam roll the province even against civil law! Additionally, the powers of municipalities to regulate and tax this industry have been strictly curtailed!

Furthermore, various government ministries like The Ministry of Natural Resources and The Ministry of Environment have been severely gutted and a multitude of provincial statues have been drastically watered down such that the GEA could actually be made legal!

Additionally, the Liberals entered into an untendered, 20 year, 7 billion dollar deal with Samsung to manufacture wind turbines in Ontario. Except that Samsung does not now, nor have they ever been a manufacturer of wind turbines!

The Feed In Tariff Program (FIT) subsidizes green energy operators between 3 to 20 times MORE for the power they produce over market rates at our expense!  The grid MUST buy this power when it is produced whether we need it or not EVEN IF cheaper power is available. This in spite of the fact that power consumption in Ontario has been dropping steadily since a peak in 2005 and is now below 2002 levels. We have far more generation capacity then demand. We have already reduced coal’s contribution from 20% to 7% of our energy mix and expect 1800MW of CO2 free nuclear power to come online in the near future from Bruce Power. All this in the face of an increase in population over the period of over 2 million people! Our own continuing conservation will do far more to reduce our CO2 then ANY GREEN POWER!

The only “green” in the Green Energy Act, is the obscene amount of profit green energy companies will make at our expense. The absurd reason given for this hideous act of dictatorship: “To build a strong, green economy in Ontario that will be a global center of excellence” Excuse me? How will that be accomplished by a company (Samsung) with no previous experience in wind power technology? Dalton McGuinty, in an effort to somehow pay for his 25 billion dollar mismanagement of Ontario’s economy to date, has passed a law the result of which will be total environmental and economic devastation!  For proof of this, simply ask Spain or California how it has worked out for them so far!

Fascism: “Any movement, ideology, or attitude that favors dictatorial government, centralized control of private enterprise, repression of all opposition, and extreme nationalism”. OK, so maybe Dalton McGuinty isn’t extremely nationalistic… One needs look no further then the green Energy Act and the Feed in Tariff Program for a graphic demonstration of all the rest!

Sieg Heil!
Sean Holt, Brightside, Ontario

14 thoughts on “The Green Energy Act – The Big Green Lie!

  1. Finally exposed for what they are, McGuinty and gang cannot hide behind fake claims and lies anymore!

    Wouldn’t it be nice if some Opposition critics inside the Pink Building confront these idiots with hard facts and figures such as is being quoted above?

    Don’t hold your breath..complicity goes back many many years!

  2. Sean,

    First, Godwin’s Law Fail!

    Second, are you suggesting that there was no energy consumption INCREASE in Denmark over those 20 years? Have you thought that perhaps with increased computer, digital camera, Ipod and sundry electronic usage that perhaps Denmark’s overall consumption has actually increased. And so the wind and other renewable increase has at least avoided the need to resort to using more traditional fuels? Might be something for you to check up on. Also check out population growth. If Denmark’s population has increased over that 20 year period, then overall consumption would obviously rise to accommodate new usage of energy. Let’s put on our thinking caps before blogging next time shall we?

    So no, Denmark should not have had a 1:1 reduction from her installation of wind. Sorry. No dice.

    Now, you’re absolutely right that some renewgen will be paid and not necessarily used by the OPA. That is where storage comes in and why pump hydro should be pursued in tandem with many other projects. We could thus store the energy and release it as needed (i.e. peak). We could also do what the Spanish are doing and store steam that could again be release as needed. There are options out there, we just need to develop them. It will take time. This is a big and much needed transformation for our economy.

    Read a little Jeff Rubin, Tom Rand and Richard Heinberg on Peak Oil and the need for diverse generation and get back to us, okay?

    Now will Wind Concerns publish this comment or succumb to its tendency to block POVs that it disagrees with? That would be ironic considering Sean’s ridiculous references to Nazism.

  3. Only posts with personal attacks or pointless rants from angry people who have obviously not bothered to read anything on our site are deleted. Do you honestly think what you’re saying hasn’t been said a thousand times before?

    The proportional comparison of consumption to other western countries as to Denmark’s failure to curb CO2 emissions blows away your first point. Did Denmark get more iPods than the rest of the world? LOL

    The old hydro storage routine. Please show me anywhere in the world that this is actually being used successfully. Another pipedream to try to justify the glaring flaws in this technology. Excuse me but there are no dams in Southern Ontario, unless you want to dam up Niagara Falls. Sheez! Why not let the hydro just flow! The energy would be a hell of alot cheaper!

    Another “it will take time to develop them” story. Give me a break. Modern turbines have been around since the 80s. When is this magic solution going to pop up? Perhaps voodoo dances to Mother Nature to get the wind to cooperate?

  4. “Peak Oil”? Just like AGW, just another theory. We see where the whole AGW mess is heading. Should we be surprised if Peak Oil is BS too?

  5. Dear WOW!
    When rural Ontario stands up to this Corporate Take over of our lands and the fascist dictatorship of Heir NcGoofy, our National Idiot, I wouldn’t want to be you! You have been “Greenwashed” and need to be deprogrammed! People are suffering and having to leave their homes that are un sellable- Others suffer because they can not move- I hope you can sleep at night but guess what? We are on the rise and WE WILL OVERTHROW THIS FASCIST DICTATORSHIP, by force if necessary! Best you get your facts straight before you mouth off!

  6. WOW:

    I am apparently far better informed then you!
    In actual fact, Denmark has seen a dramatic INCREASE in her GDP (read economic activity)
    over the period which SHOULD account for an increase in energy demand. But as you apparently can’t read, CONSERVATION is many, many times MORE efective at reducing CO2 and energy use overall then green energy. Denmark has REDUCED her percapitia enegy consumption by 50% over the period. Her population has remained relatively stable and she has the lowest growth in the EU approaching zero. Ontario has seen her own energy consumption drop over the last 4 years for the same reason even with an increase in population of over 2 million! We don’t use much green energy (yet)
    Pehaps you would like to share your reality-altering-drugs with the rest of us?

    Sean Holt.

  7. WOW: A simple answer is not always the right one. To make pumped hydro economically feasible a source of cheap power is required. Wind power is not cheap. Pumped hydro requires a reliable source as does most electrically driven pumps which means electricity to pump would most likely not come from wind. We lose more power from line loss and wherever than the contribution of energy from wind. In fact the fluctuation of energy from wind going on to the grid is the type of event that increases those loses. Pumped hydro is an environmental mess requiring a cheap source of reliable energy. Wind would still only be a small side show and why would we waste on- demand energy production to pump water for storage at a net loss of energy?

  8. As we all know, when a wind developer has an open house (Only because it is mandatory) they do not have a panel to answer questions but rather have a few people there with name tags on to answer questions one at a time in almost quiet whispers- For the first few years the people of Ontario did not have the researched questions to ask and had to accept answers to very simple questions ie, Will they be noisy? Answer: No, they are as quiet as a fridge, etc-

    Well when our open house has it’s meeting I am going to ask the following questions in a voice that the whole room can hear!

    1: How far will your company go to fight against our strong resistance to the lie of Green wind Power?

    2: How long do you think you can hold out against a town that is willing to sacrifice much to stop you from destroying our lands?

    3: Do you understand that we the people of Ontario are committed to stop you from destroying our rural lands and will fight you tooth and nail to stop you from this Corporate takeover of our land?

    4: Do you understand that since we can not get any protection from our Municipality because of the unconstitutional Green Energy Act forced on Ontario by the Liberal Majority Government and Premier Dalton McGuinty, that we have no peaceful recourse to protect our homes and lands?

    5: If we the people of Ontario perceive your aggression on our homes, lands and wildlife and economy as an act of War, are you prepared for the consequences?

    We the people of Ontario feel we are duty bound to protect our homes, lands, wildlife, waterways and provincial economy from those that would bring harm in an undemocratic government manoeuvre – We will “Stand on Guard for Thee” because that is the legacy that our ancestors sacrificed so much for so that Canadians and future generations may live in the protection and freedom and principals of democracy-

  9. Corporations don’t make huge subsidies off “conservation”. Governments can’t tax “conservation”. The public needs a “symbol of green” – wind turbines. Whether they actually do anything or not is irrelevant.

  10. Population:

    Let’s look at that…

    1990 : 5,135,409
    2007 : 5,447,084

    It turns out that it was a good example — because the population has been so stable… See the graph for yourself.

    How many turbines is that per million… about 912?

    Just the facts people, Just the facts.

    Good article Sean. Wow, could you take another crack at this please?

  11. Zen2Then:

    I take issue with some of your comments… don’t get excited though! Just read.

    Wind-power is ideal for storage applications — in terms of function. A reliable source of power is not needed. For small scale installations where expensive power is acceptable — since the alternative is none — it is a great idea.

    After reading “Watts with the Wind” an engineer / company owner said “It looks ideal for us!” It is. They explore in the backwoods, no power except solar power and it’s not enough to power all the equipment. The alternative is noisy generators, and then you have to make regular trips across dangerous roads to haul fuel. The cost of buying, hauling, installing using inverters and finally dismantling the installation is worth the high price.

    Like many things it is “site and job specific”. In the case of an exploration camp where we are willing to bear the cost of inverters and batteries — it’s a great idea. For general power usage I don’t think it is a great idea — for all the reasons Sean mentioned.

    Also we use a lot of water. We could re-pump it back above the head height and re-use it. Now we are thinking about that too. It has it’s place. Power storage is one of them — in specific applications.

    The high cost is offset by the high-return on the mineral exploration program — when it is successful.

    My opposition to Ontario Wind Farms for general power stands firm!

  12. Hey WillR:

    RE: The population of Denmark. Thanks for that bit of obviousness, it saves me the trouble. Maybe WOW should become acquainted with “google” !
    Willing, intentional ignorance!
    Now we know how Dalton got elected!

  13. Sean:

    You’re welcome. 🙂

    It wouldn’t hurt to put some references in your stuff for those points.

    I actually thought he mailed you on that one — then I looked. You could not have picked a better example.

    Want to co-author a paper on the “CanWEA” references? I picked up on those the other day when someone said they proved wind power was all the things we say it is not, and good for your health too! The other alternative is to write a short essay on each paper explaining the limitations of the work. They appear to be the cornerstone of the case that “Wind Power does no harm.”

    Those papers need to be picked apart properly.

    Too much work to tackle alone.

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