The inhuman face of Swedish wind power

by Peter Skeel Hjorth, Danish Journalist

Wind farms are being increasingly questioned in countries that have many of them, for they did not permit to close a single nuclear or fossil fuel plant, and failed to reduce CO2 emissions. With time they will also increase sharply the price of electricity; and this will further hurt European industry, already beleaguered by competition from emerging economic giants like China.

It stands to reason that wind farms’ perceived climate change benefits should be measured by independent scientists before Sweden ploughs huge amounts of tax money into their development. Likewise, we need an objective assessment of the collateral damage their expansion will cause to people, the economy, and the environment.

In any event, the raw power of big money should not be allowed to trample people and their lives. Sweden is a democracy founded on the rule of law, and throwing away this principle is a risky proposition. Once this democratic safeguard is gone, the door will be open to all kinds of abuses, including totalitarian practices.    Read entire article

4 thoughts on “The inhuman face of Swedish wind power

  1. This is exactly what McGuinty is doing to Ontario. I would suggest that the Wind Associations in Canada and Europe are all working on the “same page” and “guiding” the respective Political Leaders of these jurisdictions on how to best screw the people out of their hard earned dollars all the while creating a huge investment community that will reap the profits.

    Begs the question “who is actually running the Governments?”

  2. Somebody please wake me up! This is like a bad movie! I see WAR— once the reality sinks in to people that thought this could never happen here-

    I hope some Canadian company has a patent on a machine that takes down Industrial wind turbines- I would buy stock in that company because once Canadians get riled up there will be no stopping us!

  3. The July 2009 issue of Rolling Stone outlines the various “bubbles” perpetrated by Wall Street fraudsters.

    The latest “bubble” after the inflationary oil bubble in the US is the “glowball warming” bubble which is driving the Industrial Wind Turbine developers.

    The fact that there are skeptical scientists pointing to the fact that CO2 is critical for healthy plant growth, that the sun’s activities are at the lowest point in the solar cycle, that oceans play a hugely unaccounted for role in the carbon cycle is being hidden and not widely written about by reporters who don’t have the time or the stomach for investigative reporting.

    Unfortunately, the bill and tax paying public are next on the list for being gouged. The only recourse I can see is to stop using electricity.

    Any other thoughts?

  4. Yes Johana, I have a thought- We must march into Queen’s park and demand that this fraudster step down! We must oust this arrogant slickster NOW!
    Or we will lose the next 20+ years living in the nightmare he has created- Our Grandparents would have thrown him out after the E Health scandal I agree with Quixote , go off the grid! We have a generator and I have an old icebox and coal oil lanterns- Guess we would have to plug in computer and water pump so we could flush- I love cooking on a wood stove- We could plug the washer in on Mondays to wash our clothes and hang them on the line- God I want to run this baffoon out of Ontario! Syallonisim, Hitlerisim, McCarthyisim, McGuinttisim! The fact that there was not an uprising when the Green Energy Act was passed means we were complacent “marks” just right for the taking!

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