Letter from Nina Pierpont to Mike Crawley, International Power Canada Inc.

M. Crawley, International Power Canada, Inc.

Mike Crawley, President
International Power Canada Inc.
105 Commerce Valley Drive West, Suite 410
Markham, Ontario L3T 7W3 Canada

May 7,2010

Dear Mr. Crawley,

I am writing on behalf of XX, Harrow, Ontario. Mrs. X informs me that her home has nine (9) 1.65 MW V2 Vestas wind turbines within 2 km of her home. Three of these are within 1 km. Indeed, all 24 turbines (for this project) are within 5 km.

Mrs. X tells me that she and her neighbor are motion sensitive (see below). She likewise tells me that 3 of the neighbors suffer from migraine disorder. Mrs. X’s son has a history of ear infections. A second cousin, living 1 km away, has documented tinnitus. Two children in the neighborhood have autism-both living within 1 km of the turbines. One young man (27 years old) living within 2 km of the turbines has epileptic seizures.

Mrs. X and her husband are over 50 years of age (see below), and her in-laws (living immediately across the road) are over 80 years old.

With this as background, permit me to speak plainly. To build these turbines next to these people is a reckless and violent act.

The evidence for turbines producing substantial low frequency noise and, worse, infrasound, is no longer in dispute. I quote from one of numerous studies demonstrating this: “Wind turbines and wind farms generate strong infrasonic noise which is characterized by their blade passing harmonics (monochromatic signals)” (Ceranna et al., p. 23). In this instance, the authors are referring to a single 200 kW Vestas V47 at 200 meters-a peashooter compared to the turbines adjacent to Mrs. X’s home.’

Second, the clinical evidence is unambiguous that low frequency noise and infrasound profoundly disturb the body’s organs of balance, motion, and position sense (called “vestibular organs”).2

Third, the case studies performed by me and other medical scientists have demonstrated unequivocally that many people (especially 50 years old and older) living within 2 km of turbines are made seriously ill, often to the point of abandoning their homes.3

Fourth, there is no doubt among otolaryngologists and neuro-otologists who have studied the evidence that wind turbine low frequency noise and infrasound seriously disrupt the body’s vestibular organs, resulting in the constellation of illnesses I have called Wind Turbine

The cure for Wind Turbine Syndrome is simple: Move away from the turbines or shut them off. The prevention of Wind Turbine Syndrome is even simpler: Don’t build these low frequency/infrasound-generating machines within 2 km of people’s homes.

Governments and corporations who violate this principle are guilty of gross clinical harm. Such governments and corporations should be taken before whatever level of court is necessary to stop this outrage.

These are strong words. They are carefully chosen. They are strong because governments and the wind industry stubbornly-l would now add, criminally-refuse to acknowledge that they are deliberately and aggressively harming people. This must stop. The evidence is overwhelming.

Some weeks ago I was contacted by the editor of a leading peer-reviewed American clinical journal to write a special article on Wind Turbine Syndrome. The journal is published both online and in hard copy and aimed primarily at audiologists, otolaryngologists, and neuro-otologists.

I accepted the invitation. The article will be peer-reviewed before publication and should appear online in the next few months. Following that, it will be published in the hard copy edition of the journal. This means, of course, that my research and my findings are being accepted by the clinical medical community. Wind developers may not take this research seriously-but medical experts are.

So is the international community of otolaryngologists and neuro-otologists. My research was presented in March 2010 in a paper at the annual meeting of the Meniere’s Society, in Austria. It was widely praised. The presenter was Professor Alec Salt, PhD, internationally acclaimed neuro-physiologist specializing in inner ear diseases, from the Department of Otolaryngology at the Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri.

I have interrupted my writing the above journal article to compose this letter to you. The handwriting is on the wall for wind developers and their wholly inadequate setbacks. Legal proceedings have begun in several states and nations. You would be unwise to proceed with installation of these turbines if you are planning on setbacks less than 2 km.

I repeat, <2 km setbacks must stop.

Nina Pierpont, MD (Johns Hopkins), PhD (Population Biology, Princeton)
Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics
Former Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics,
College of Physicians & Surgeons,
Columbia University
cc Valerie M Garry, Attorney at Law

1 Lars Ceranna, Gernot Hartmann, and Manfred Henger, “The Inaudible Noise of Wind Turbines,” presented at the lnfrasound Workshop, November 28 – December 02, 2005, Tahiti. Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), Section 83.11. Stilleweg 2, 30655 Hannover, Germany. Download PDF copy here: http://www.kselected.com/?p=7589.

2 For a summary, see Nina Pierpont, “Report for Clinicians,” in Wind Turbine Syndrome: A Reporton a Natural Experiment (Santa Fe, NM: K-Selected Books, 2009), pp. 26-125. Purchase a copy here: http://www.kselected.com/?pane id=4768.

3 Pierpont 2009, pp. 31-33, 127-192.

4 Pierpont 2009, pp. 287-292. See also testimony by F. Owen Black, MD, FACS, found at http://www, kselected.com/?p=4047

16 thoughts on “Letter from Nina Pierpont to Mike Crawley, International Power Canada Inc.

  1. Crawley couldn’t care less……..there is only one way that these Wind Developers would listen and that would be from the “defendants chair” inside a court room being charged with “assault causing bodily harm”!!!!

    THEN watch the crocodile tears flow when the word “guilty” comes crashing down in front of his sweaty little face!

  2. When the Liberal Government imposed the anti-democratic Green Energy Act on its citizens, McGuinty said he was doing it to fight the NIMBYs (Not in My Backyard).

    I wonder what he has is store for the NIMMEs (Not in My Middle Ear). Maybe a Green Health Act where local doctors will have no say and only a panel of provincial polito-docs will have to “consult” with ill people, but they won’t have to do anything about it.

    Great article. The storm of protest is mounting on all levels: health, economy, environmental.

  3. Dr. Nina Pierpont: Thank You! Deliberately and aggressively back to them. The governments and wind industry deserve have no excuse as they clearly have known prior to importing the first turbine for the first development. The government was and continues to be hostile to affected homeowners and have provided no assistance or sympathy for those that have lost their homes. The act is criminal and government officials are not supposed to be above the law. If people lose their homes due to health conditions created by industrial wind turbines due to incompetent officials shouldn’t the responsible parties be charged?

  4. “Creepy Crawley” at work again. Go, Nina, go! Two kilometre setbacks are a must for health.


  5. How can it be Mike Crawley, head of the Liberal Party and President of A Big Wind Company?
    Bit of a conflict of interest? Hmmm.. Hope this comes up during the judicial review.

  6. Cindy:

    I know that I would appreciate a reference when such statements are made. My first reaction to any controversial statement now is disbelief. This is because so many untrue statements are now made in “The Green Cause”. I have become skeptical of everything… Sad but true.


    Now they have sold out to International Power (google them) and Crawley does not show up on their management roster. So I guess he “sold out”…

    It’s an interesting story. Follow the links. It won;t make you feel any better about him though.

  7. When a Political Party, particularly one in power sells out to Industrial interests and places all their interests in the hands of Investors instead of the people who hired them and still pay them, then I believe it’s time to CUT THEM LOOSE!


    If the answer is NOTHING and it should be, then that Government is “Redundant” and no longer required!

    They do nothing except spend our money on useless debts and transactions that favour the industrialists and investors and increase the cost of living to the point where middle and low income earners are finding it difficult to make ends meet due to ever increasing Energy Costs along with all other essential services with no end in sight!

    Maybe it’s time we all look at empowering our Municipal Governments to do what they have always done well and that is to run the local Government’s locally and retain the Federal Government as an overseer on lawful decisions and REMOVE the Provincial Government off our books completely!!!!!!

    Imagine the money we would save!

  8. Thank you Dr. Pierpont. A great many people eagerly await the publication of the peer reviewed article … not that we doubted the reviews of “Wind Turbine Syndrome” but the article will finally be the definitive document that will prevent the nay-sayers from saying, “there is no peer reviewed science in any medical journal.” The writing is on the wall, Daniel said! Thank you for daring to be a Daniel (Danielle?)

  9. I was delighted to read your letter. Clear, concise, convincing and cool! I also look forward to the peer review of your article – as Bill Palmer says, the definitive document. I have read your book too. There should no longer be any doubt about the harm that the Wind Turbines are causing. I pray that we can stop them here in Manvers Township in Ontario. We expect 30 – 35, and there is huge opposition. NIMBY should be changed to NIMABY – Not In My or Anyone’s Backyard.

  10. To add insult to injury, members of our illustrious provincial government want to erect these monsters in our beautiful Great Lakes…the largest fresh water system in the world. In addition, they want to place them adjacent to Point Pelee National Park…site of one of the largest migratory bird paths in the world. Now this isn’t this brilliant thinking? No one in the current provincial government cares about our health or the irrevocable damage these turbines will cause to the environment. It’s all about money folks! It’s all about money!

  11. The Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994, states that Canada and United States remain committed to the long term conservation of shared species of migratory birds …………protect the lands and waters on which they depend.
    Could we use this act to prevent the construction of wind turbines in the the Great Lakes?
    Also, the Amherstburg area is an historical site. We don’t want our river and lake polluted by wind turbines. Can’t we learn from the European findings that the turbines be stopped immediately?

  12. Hi Christine,

    I’ve been fighting this battle in Amherstburg for four years now. As you might know the Gengrowth land project is going right near Holiday Beach.

    This government refuses to listen. They are adamant that birds will not be harmed. The Green Energy Act has killed any local input and offers no protection for historical or heritage sites. The McGuinty government is putting these things in NO MATTER WHAT.

  13. The Liberal’s understand the impacts but are greedy and the ability to slide taxpayer’s money around to benefit them is too much of a temptation. They do not care about the impacts to the province if they feel they can pull it off. What has changed is more and more people care that industrial wind will not provide energy into the future and will place us in a position of spending too much for nothing in return. We will be paying for these structures long after they stop turning.

  14. I agree with all of you but can’t help but feel we are preaching to the Choir. Time for a Revolt big time but how. We need to join with Europe and all of North America in a great big coalition called FAKE GREEN BUSTERS or something. We could consider protesting at the G20 meeting. Peaceful with the whole story on signs. I am willing to go on strike so to speak and not pay my hydro bill , then sit in the dark until they smarten up but then I would need a million or so like minded people to join me. There just has to be a way to peacefully draw attention to the whole debacle.

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