Toronto Wind Action hosts Community Meeting

Thursday, May 27  7:00 pm

Wilfred Laurier Collegiate Cafeteria
145 Guildwood Parkway, Scarborough, ON

For more information:  Toronto Wind Action

Experts speakers in wind, medical and economics

2 thoughts on “Toronto Wind Action hosts Community Meeting

  1. Can this be put on the web for others that live further away to watch? If possible it would be nice if someone was included to provide background information on how little industrial wind turbines contribute to consumer supply. The high loss of energy involved in the delivery of electricity to consumers makes industrial wind totally useless and more likely to contribute to higher loss. In reality there is no loss, but not all energy produced is available to consumers due to heat generation, friction, transfers to ground, barns, homes, stability conflicts, etc. that cannot be accounted for by consumer use. Since we do not consume all the power produced, not even close, it makes the power produced by industrial wind turbines insignificant, even if more turbines were added to the grid. It is not only a matter of health but the worthlessness of these pieces of junk to provide consumers with any functional energy. It is great to see the effort being put into educating the masses. Thanks.

  2. Hi and you might now advertise that on Toronto Wind Action the videos can be fully viewed. Thanks. Love your website!


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